What I Learned from Jay Cutler About Work Ethic

Mr. O, The Ultimate Beef, Big Jay, Cuts, he has many nick names, but Champion is his title.  Jay Cutler, the original Jay Cutler, is a 4 Time Mr. Olympia and winner of 19 Major, Professional Bodybuilding Competitions.  He’s a motion picture success story, a multimillion dollar real estate investor and a very savvy businessman. 


His business is himself.  Whether he’s building muscle in the gym, eating the world’s most strict diet, signing merchandise for his fans, or posing in a photo shoot, Jay Cutler has turned himself into his biggest asset.  In any given day Jay Cutler will eat 6 meals, sign merchandise he sells through his website, shoot a video for his website, attend a photo shoot for a fitness magazine, attend a grand opening for Max Muscle, a nutrition store he is part owner in, meet with his sponsors, and spend time running his real estate business.  And did I mention he’d squeeze in a trip to the gym!

As if that is not enough, he flies around the world promoting fitness shows and competitions, often guest posing and signing autographs for this fans.

Upon learning of his success I decided I needed to check this guy out a little more.  I found some videos on the web of him.  The videos are supposed to shed light on his life and how he trains.  In addition, you can learn a lot about his work ethic and how he has become so successful. 

1. Prioritize Your Tasks – Without his success in Body Building, he wouldn’t have been able to exploit the other aspects of his business.  Focus on what will bring you the most residual opportunities and never let task pertaining to this slip past.  For Jay Cutler, this is the gym for several hours, eating 6 to 8 times a day, tanning, getting a massage, and sleeping 9 hours a night minimum. 

 2. Slow and Steady – Take time to do each task and do it right.  The days of multi-tasking are gone.  Researchers have now proven that you’ll be at your most effective when you focus on one task, then move to the next.  Research also suggests this will make you smarter!

 3. Organize Your Day – Find a rhythm that works for you.  I often arrive at work at 7:00 am but don’t arrive to my office until 8:30 or 9:00.  I’m not the type who likes to arrive to work and immediately begin on tasks.  So I spend my mornings meeting with my key employees, checking on production flow, and surveying my company as a whole before I’ll attend to tasks.  Try finding your rhythm by doing what fits your mood for different times of the day.  If you try doing something at a time of day that you don’t like (such as working out in the morning) you won’t stick with it.

 4. Take Care of You – This is not an invitation to over indulge and use yourself as an excuse not to do things.  This is simply taking care of your biggest asset.  Jay Cutler’s body is his biggest asset.  If he wears himself out, he’s useless and begins to lose value in his biggest asset.  If he is not at the top of his game, he’s losing money.

 5. Be Intentional – Too many people treat work and life as arch enemies.  Make you tasks just part of a bigger picture, your life.  I’ve included a video below for you watch a sample of Jay Cutler’s day.  Notice how he doesn’t do a few things and then finally “whew it’s over!” and plop on the couch.  Everything he does is intentional and a part of the greater whole, which is his career.  Even his rest time is intentional.


Below I have included a video of Jay showing himself at home and discussing his success.  Notice how even when he’s “relaxing” he’s usually doing something to advance his career.  It’s all just a part of who he is.  For full feature films visit www.jaycutler.com.