Why I Drink Yerba Mate

You wake up in the morning, the sun is shining through your window, your body is well rested and relaxed.  Your mind is focused and ready to tackle the day.  Adrenaline is coursing through your veins driving your energy levels through the roof, you just can’t wait to expel your surging energy on some tasks at work.  If that describes you every morning, then you’re an anomaly and this post won’t help you.  For the rest of us who struggle to get going, I present to you your new best friend, Yerba Mate.

For most of us there’s nothing like a fresh cup of coffee in the morning to wake up our senses and get us going.  Without it you’d be an unproductive, reclusive, blob of negativity.  But is it really the best part of waking up?  Not too long ago I tried quitting coffee for a multitude of reasons but I was pulled back into dark, steamy, aromatic world the very first morning after a late night.  I just could not go on feeling so tired, there were tasks to be accomplished and I was in no shape to attack them.  I found myself drinking several cups of coffee every morning, then drinking a cup or two in the afternoon.  Some say coffee is the fuel that powers the dreams of champions.  But for me it was a tooth darkening, bad breath causing, ulcer producing, nasty tasting, jittery feeling, unwanted necessity.  That is until I found Yerba Mate.

Yerba Mate is a shrub that naturally grows in the South American regions.  Most Yerba Mate on the market today is grown in Argentina. What makes Yerba Mate an incredible morning kick start is its unique blend of stimulants.  Unlike most forms of caffeine, Yerba Mate does not affect the central nervous system.  Instead, Yerba Mate has a calming and relaxing effect on your body’s muscle tissues while the stimulant effects are absorbed through the heart’s muscular tissue.  Amazing right?  Here is why I drink this stuff almost every morning instead of coffee.

  1. It’s Super Fast – I have a water cooler at home with a “hot” spout on it.  When I wake up, I simply pour some hot water into my Bodum Chambord Coffee Press.  Then I eyeball about 2 tablespoons of Yerba Mate, put the top on the press and let it sit while I get ready for work.  Before I leave the house, I simply push down on the press and fill my travel mug with delicious Yerba Mate.  Rinse out your press right quick and you’re ready to go.  I know it sounds like a lot of steps but honestly it’s about half the time it takes to make coffee in a traditional coffee maker.
  2. It Won’t Stain Your Teeth – I’ve spent a lot of time making these pearly whites pearly white, I don’t want to mess that up with dark black liquids.  The light yellow tint to Yerba Mate is easy on the teeth.  It is very similar to green tea.
  3. Energized But Cool – The relaxing effect on your body and the calming sensation on your soul, mixed with the increased energy levels you get from this drink are unparalleled.  You won’t get all worked up and jittery like you do with coffee but you’ll still be focused and energized to power you through you morning.  This is because the stimulants are absorbed through the muscle tissue, not the central nervous system. More on this here.
  4. Digestive Health – Yerba Mate has been shown to help with digestion and keep you “regular.”  It can also help reverse heart disease.  Here’s a write up.
  5. Antioxidants!!! – Yerba Mate has about 3 times as much antioxidants as green tea.  If you’re a leader at work, you’re stressed, that’s just a given.  Exercise is great for your health and stress levels, but produces free radicals created by the breaking down of your muscles during exercise.  Antioxidants will wipe away these free radicals caused by both stress and exercise leaving your body healthy and clean.

Yerba Mate is the perfect companion drink to reduce your stress, energize your day, clean your body, and keep your perfect smile perfect, since you’ll be smiling a lot once you try this drink.


Question:  Have you tried Yerba Mate?  What are your thoughts?

How To Aim For the Ideal

Yesterday I wrote a post about “aiming for the ideal” and how it can effect our lives and others around us.  This post is an extension of that idea but pertains to the individual.  Yesterday’s post showed us that aiming for the ideal can create vast changes in the world around us, but what if we were each to aim for the ideal in our own lives?  We could drastically alter our own futures and make them anything we want.

“Aim for the moon.  Even if you miss, you’ll land among the stars.”  This is a quote I say to myself and have shared with many others I’ve come in counter with through the years.  I don’t know where I picked it up, maybe an inspirational poster in a math class somewhere along the way.  Who knows?  But what I do know is that it is very true.  The concept is the same as the idea of aiming for the ideal.  The point isn’t to get to your ideal situation with everything in life but if you try to, and fall short, at least you’ll be much better off than if you had no direction or desire in the first place.

Think about a baseball player for a second.  Lets say his ideal reality would be to surpass Barry Bonds for the single season homerun record.  This baseball player sets out to achieve this goal and does all the work he can do to make it a reality.  He trains, he hires trainers to help him train better, he seeks wisdom from other accomplished home run hitters, so on and so forth.  This guy eats, sleeps, and breaths home runs.  He does everything he can to keep himself healthy during the season and puts his hard training to the test for 162 games.  By the end of the season he only hits 52 homeruns.  He’s 22 homeruns short of the record.  Some may think that he failed.  But consider this.  If 52 homeruns is all he hit, he still would have hit 9 more homeruns than anyone else in baseball this year.  History tells us this type of performance should garner 12.9 million dollars, if he’s up for contract negotiation.  Not bad for an up and coming ball player huh?

The point is that shooting for a very lofty goal can bring great success, even when you fail.  This is why the concept of “aiming for the ideal” can have such a transformational effect on peoples lives, including your own.

I’ll share with you in this post my top 5 ways to always Aim For The Ideal.

  1. Watch a Movie – Huh? Really? Yes!  I watch movies all the time.  It’s a way to try out many different things in 2 hours or less.  Do you like that guy’s lifestyle, home, car.  My ideal is made up of thousands of images I’ve seen in movies and life around me.  When someone asks me what type of life I’d like to have, I can point you to 5 minutes of a single movie and you’ll know exactly what I’m looking for.  People always say, but that’s not real life, it’s a movie.  Thats the point.  I’m aiming for a very lofty goal so that if I fall short, my life will still be awesome.
  2. People Watch – Go to your favorite restaraunt or any space that has lots of people and a good vantage point.  Take a tour in just watching unaware people.  I do this all the time.  It allows you to get out of your little world and see the world around you.  After a while you’ll start to figure out the good the bad and the ugly.  You might even find that some things you thought we bad in your life, are actually not bad at all.  This activity gives you a good solid foundation for assessing what you really want.
  3. Study – Read biographies, historical books, and the news.  Soak up as much “experience” as you can.  I used to think I wanted to be in the oil business, but after reading two of Boone Pickens’ biographies I learned that the industry has change.  Natural Gas is the new oil and if I wanted to go on the Boone Pickens ride, it wouldn’t be in oil, it would be Natural Gas, which is where I am now.
  4. Write it Down – Everytime you find something to add to your new ideal, write it down.  Many people find something they like and they go after it…for a little while.  If you will write down things you want in the future, then review them periodically you can do two things.  You can assess what it will take for you to get where you want to be and also assess where you are now. It will also allow you to constantly remind yourself of what you wanted.  Too often life boggs us down.  Is your ideal body 60 lbs overweight?  I doubt it, but somewhere along the way you forgot what you were aiming for and let it lose it’s priority all for the sake of other things.  Reclaim your life and stay on track.
  5. Aim Big – I had a personal goal of being a millioniare before 30!  How crazy is that!  You know what, turns out it’s not so crazy after all.  The only thing I really had to do was continuously make it a priority in my life.  I was able to find the open doors that would get me there because I was looking for them. Because I was always aiming for such a lofty goal, I was able to create quite a bit of wealth in a short amount of time, even though to me, it didn’t seem like much. The point is, I never settled for anything less than what I wanted.

Don’t ever let anyone say that something is just not realistic.  Everything is realistic if you’ll just actually go for it.  Paint a picture in your head and don’t let it slip out of view.  Day after day after day strive for the ideal life you’d love to have.  Later on you’ll look back at the things you’ve accomplished and think, “Wow, that was huge.”  You may not ever reach your ideal life but if you get even kind of close, your life will be truly amazing.  Now go get it!


Aim For the Ideal

My lifelong habit of “people watching” has always led me to studying successful people.  When I was studying George W. Bush, I came across an old Meet the Press interview he did while he was running for the Republican nomination in the Presidential Race of 2000.  He said something in this interview that changed me profoundly.  It is something I had always done but never realized it was the key to much of my success.  Here is what he told Tim Russert.


“Society ought to aim for the ideal.”  Then later, “A person in my position ought to be promoting the ideal.”

This idea of promoting the ideal and aiming for the ideal took me a little while to let soak in but when it did, it was huge.  This is because the idea of aiming for the ideal can actually solve most problems we have individually and as a group.  Quickly picture you’re ideal dinner.  Imagine the setting, the food, and the people you’re with.

I would bet that you did not just picture a dilapidated shack, meager portions, or a group of felons.  You probably pictured a nice table in a nice big room, plentiful portions, and your closest friends and family, whom you probably don’t spend enough time with as it is.  Now if you’ll actually strive to make this situation happen, your life will be enhanced no doubt.  Here are just a few things aiming for the ideal can do.

  1.  Change our Communities – Picture a Norman Rockwell painting.  Do you see litter, smog, homeless people?  If everyone in our communities would promote the ideal we could eradicate many of the problems we see around us all day.  We would be more eager to take proactive measures to care for our surroundings, our environment, and others around us.
  2. Stop Crime – How many people do you think would really lie in bed at night and dream of knocking off a 7-11?  If we could all aim for the ideal, no one would justify a criminal act.  In today’s society, as long as the crime didn’t happen to us, we don’t worry about it.  But what if it messed with everyone in the community’s ideal?  Everyone would stand up against crime and send a message that would greatly slow crime rates in many of our cities.
  3. End World Hunger – This one is two-fold.  No one wants to see another go hungry, nor do we want to see ourselves eating our way to a heart attack.  If we could all aim for the ideal, we’d seek more ways to get food to the needy and also take better care of ourselves.

 The possibilities are really endless.  This is just a few examples of what we could do if we were aiming for the ideal together.  What could you do in your life if you were promoting the ideal lifestyle for yourself?