11 Ways To Enjoy Social Media – And Find a Great Bar

Does anyone really enjoy social media?  There are a hundred different networks, a million different formats, and all the interaction is the same stale self promotion.  Unless you know how to really exploit the benefits.

enjoy social media

There are so many options out there to enjoy social media on a multitude of platforms how do you know which ones to join and invest your time in?

I had the same problem when I was 12.  We had a few parks within bicycle distance.  I never knew which park the action was going to be at.

Lucky for me, I could ride from park to park looking for the best pickup football game.

Have you ever found yourself on social media looking for a pickup game?  First, you check the Twitter jungle gym, nothing but self promotion “click on my link” stuff.  Then you ride over to Facebook park, everyone is just showing off their newest and greatest thing.  You try the Google+ skatepark but it’s empty.

Trying to enjoy social media can be a down right pain, unless you’re smart about who and what you interact with.

1. Consolidate your feeds.  I use HootSuite to consolidate all my feeds into one.  This way I’m not going from park to park.  Instead, I scan all my feeds at once, looking for anything clickable.

2. Use more lists.  Enjoy social media in categories.  Check out family members, then friends.  Some time all I want to do is check out what Michael Hyatt, Skip Prichard, or Fred Wilson are saying.  So I have a list for them.

3. Narrow the conversation.  This goes back to using lists.  Organize the people you follow by what they offer.  Then you can pick and choose what types of topics in that feed.  My family shares pictures, my favorite influencers share ideas, and my friends share their horrible golf shots – check out mine!

4. Be polite. The one sure fire way to get yourself unfollowed, is to tweet a novel, one tweet at a time.  These kinds of things make it impossible for others to enjoy social media. If you tweet more than 4 times in a row, you’re gone.

5. Choose your friends wisely.  You may not enjoy social media because your “friends” are not interested.  Lose the dead weight and find some more interesting people.

6. Share more. You always get what your give.  You’ll enjoy social media more if you’re involved in the conversation.  Share your pictures, ideas, opinions, and insights.

7. Ask and receive.  One time I mentioned that I was going to NYC.  My friend Skip Prichard suggested a bunch of awesome places to go.  I’d have never known about these places had I not asked and had I not been following such cool people.

8. Buffer your posts.  It is too hard to be on social media all day, and impossible to share enough if you’re not.  For this, God made Buffer, or at least the guys behind Buffer.  Fill your buffer with posts, then let them trickle out during the day.

9. Follow the trends.  Look at what’s hot, what’s not, hashtags, and trends.  This is how I found a cool irish pub, that served McSorley’s which led me to the original 1854 pub in Manhattan and its iconic chandelier paying tribute to the fallen.

10. Share more than you ask.  Michael Hyatt suggests shooting for a 20 to 1 ratio.  Share 20 great ideas for every 1 favor you ask.  This will help you gain interaction with your followers.

11. Be prompt with your reply.  Set up alerts and engage in the conversation.  Answer questions, reply to comments, share other people’s idea, most importantly, engage with your tribe.

The world of social media can be overwhelming.  Using these 11 tips and tricks can help you to enjoy social media and maybe even find a great bar in lower NYC.

What’s your favorite thing about social media?

My Secret Formula For Pricing A Product

One thing every start-up struggles with is finding the right method for pricing a product they’ve just come out with.  I’ve used this method to price all my products for the last decade and double my earnings.

pricing a product

My first venture into business I learned a hard lesson about pricing a product.  I was 12 years old and mowing lawns.  I agreed to mowing any lawn for $20.

I showed up to my first job only to find out the back yard was a half an acre and overgrown!  That summer I had 5 regular customers.  Each one had a yard the size of a football field.

The reality of pricing a product is that most people just take a shot in the dark and hope for the best.  Setting your price too low can mean you’re mowing huge lawns for little pay.  Price your product too high and you won’t be able to land any customers.  I remembered this lesson when I went into business again.

In 2007 the economy energy industry was booming.  Many companies were pricing a product too high for consumers.  We followed my secret formula for pricing a product and doubled our earning. This is my approach.

Know your competition.  You have to benchmark off your competition.  This doesn’t mean you have to beat their price, you just have to establish a starting point.

Identify your brand.  What are you setting out to represent?  When Apple starts pricing a product, they have to set their price higher than most.  Apple is seen by its customers as a higher end, higher quality, product.  If they set their price on par with the competition, it damages the brand and they actually sell fewer units.

Given a blind taste test where one wine was very cheap and the other was very expensive, taste testers rated the expensive wine much higher than the cheap wine.  Only after the test, did they find out the wine was from the exact same bottle.  Higher pricing brings higher perceived value.  Don’t be afraid to be higher priced.

Know your customer .  Consumers buy based on perceived value.  Businesses buy based on their return.  Knowing what your customer is buying is critical.  For consumers, focus on building your perceived value.  When selling to a business, you must consider that they are using your product to make themselves more money.  Business needs and consumer needs are very different.

Set an earnings goal ahead of time.  Most start-ups make the mistake of setting their goals after establishing a price.  These two go hand in hand and should be set together.  The more you can make on your product, the few products you have to sell.  This means the lower your costs will be.

When pricing a product, you must consider how many units will need to be sold to achieve your goals. Then consider if you’re willing to build that many?  If not, you need to raise your price.  If you can’t compete with this structure, your business model is broke.

Test your pricing.  You can find many services online for split A/B testing, I use CrazyEgg.  The most simplistic method of pricing a product I’ve found is Google Adwords.  I’ll create two ads, each with the same wording, and point them to different pages on my site.  Each page has a different price.  Pit different prices agains one another until you figure out which one converts.

Create a discount structure.  Once you’re finished pricing a product for full retail, you’ll have to set a discount structure for distributors.  The easiest method for a start-up to set a discount structure is to set one price discount that applies across the board for distributors.  This is a small discount on your retail price.  I lean toward 2-5% here.  Then establish a significant discount (10% or more) for anyone buying a certain volume.  This volume should be high and only attainable for 20% of your customers.  These 20% will create 80% of your revenue.  This discount needs to be significant enough to keep them as a customer for years to come.

Pricing a product as a start-up is going to determine if your business model will work or not.  This can be one of the most important things a start-up can do.  I’ve used this method to price products that earn millions every year.  This article is meant to make pricing a product a systematic formula that you can apply time and time again.

What products are you pricing?

Fall Asleep Quickly Without The Use Of Drugs

As a busy person, I take my sleep seriously.  Unfortunately, I don’t always get enough.  More often than not, the reason for lack of sleep is the inability to fall asleep quickly.

fall asleep quickly

Without enough sleep, my energy levels are low and I tend to take a negative outlook on my day.  My inability to fall asleep quickly impacts my entire day’s productivity.  Without enough sleep, you’re not the best version or you.

Starting a Biphasic Sleep Lifestyle Again

A few years ago, I began experimenting with biphasic sleep.  It turned out to be just what I had been missing my whole life.

Most people struggle to achieve an optimum amount of restful sleep.  Folks are lucky if they get enough sleep every night.  We find ourselves exhausted at the end of each week feeling over worked and tired.

The One Trigger Keeping You From Achievement

I often meet people who feel stuck in one aspect of life or another.  They want to experience a break-through achievement, but can’t figure out how.

The One Trigger Keeping You From Achievement

Often times they use one of the following excuses:

  • Don’t have the financial resources
  • Don’t have the time
  • Don’t have what it takes
  • Don’t have the luck

Actually, the reason most people can’t seem to grasp a break-through achievement is because they are not organized.

The Tim Ferriss Blog Method

This post will explain exactly how Tim Ferriss, a best selling author and top ranked blogger, became so famous. It’s a lot simpler than you might think.


For a real-world example of just how awful the Tim Ferriss blog was when he started out, I suggest reading his first blog Cubical Escape Artist. Now, onto our post which was written by myself but with Tim’s help, not his physical help but by example. I copied every paragraph from something on the Tim Ferriss blog or something he has written on the web. I just changed a few words. Please add any questions or tips of your own to the comments.

Enter Tim:

I could try to explain the Tim Ferriss blog method to you in my own words but why not let Tim describe it himself. I’ll use only paragraphs from the Tim Ferriss Blog and change the words only slightly.

Here is how the Tim Ferriss Blog became the 2,181th ranked website in the United States, according to Alexa, in only 6 years.

Create a Global Phenomenon – Here is Tim’s keynote from the 2,000+ person Le Web in Paris. Topics include:

  • How to sell “around the product” for more coverage
  • The three necessary types of media exposure
  • Real-world tipping points from the launch of The 4-Hour Workweek
  • How to increase website conversion 80%

This was the first big splash on the Tim Ferriss blog mania. The video is informative so you should watch it but if you go to the site, you’ll probably miss the biggest lesson of all. “How to create a global phenomenon for less than $10,000!” The headline is the border line unreal.

Tim could have said “My Keynote From Le Web” which is exactly the lame kind of thing I probably would have titled it. The Tim Ferriss blog method is to go big or go home. If you saw his headline anywhere, you’d have to click on it. Why? Because everyone can get $10,000 and everyone would like to create a global phenomenon.

Build a High Traffic Blog Without Killing Yourself – This video of the Tim Ferriss blog method was originally titled “Scalable Blogging Behaviours: How to Grow from 1 to 1,000,000 Readers”. I’ve followed every rule but of course I’m a little behind Tim in blog traffic. He should have titled it “How to Maintain a High Traffic Blog if you’re Able to Pitch your Blog on the Today Show and other Huge Media”.

I don’t mean to discredit Tim by any means. The launch of his original book was huge, mostly because of his own efforts but his publisher did land him on some pretty big platforms. Tim leveraged these by creating a home base and this is the take away. Tim mentioned his blog in his book as a resource to the amazing things he talked about in it.

So we all went to it. We all liked his post “From Geek To Freak: How I Gained 34lbs. of Muscle in 4 Weeks”. He wrote a book about it and sold it to us Tim Ferriss blog readers. In the book, Tim gave us links to incredible information on his blog. So we found ourselves getting into shape and staying up until 4am reading through his blog. When our friends asked us how we lost all that weight, we told them about the book.

The next night, they read the book and clicked on an interesting link to his blog. They, like us, then proceeded to stay up until 4am reading the Tim Ferriss blog. This is the Tim Ferriss blog method, always pointing people to your blog through other means. Don’t just wait on Google.

Don’t just publish a book, get it banned! – The 4 Four Chef is Tim’s book on learning. Yes, I own it and yes, it has links to the Tim Ferriss blog and yes, I’ve clicked them. This wasn’t Tim’s best work. In fact, it was the third worst book out of three attempts. The truth is, any publisher will publish a Tim Ferriss book. His name alone will sell a few hundred thousand copies.

Publishers undoubtedly knew this book wasn’t as good as his others and consequently were willing to spend far less promoting it than Tim wanted. In the typical Tim Ferriss fashion, he created a global phenomenon. He published his book with Amazon and it was instantly banned by all the major book stores! The media caught wind of this and news spread like wild fire.

Amazon and Barnes and Noble were in a fist fight over Tim Ferriss. Again, the Tim Ferriss Blog exploded.

Enter Tim – What do a world record holder, best selling author and Dot Com Millionaire have in common? They’re all guest posters on the Tim Ferriss Blog. The answer could also be that they are multiple personalities of Tim Ferriss. Both would be true. The main thing to remember here is that Tim Ferriss brings on board some of the world’s most creative and engaging people to share their stories with us.

One example on the Tim Ferriss blog is How To Build an App Empire: Can You Build The Next Instagram. This is the post that inspired me to begin making mobile apps. To my knowledge, Tim has never made a mobile app but it is obviously something that his readers would be interested in, so he found someone who started from the ground up and shared their story with us in a How To format.

Tim and I are friends – That’s not a disclaimer, it’s not even accurate. But everyone gets the feeling they’re friends with Tim Ferriss, so you can’t fault me. He’s everywhere! He’s on Flickr, Vimeo, Youtube, you can’t miss him. Many of the items you’ll find are informational by nature but much of what you find is personal.

Tim is like an old friend of yours sending you a video about what he’s packing on his next trip or his new method that he found for decanting wine. The same is true about his Flickr feed. Many of the images you see are more personal images. The benefit of personal videos and images is that it builds a brand around you. Tim is a master at this. Now we’ll review the Tim Ferriss Blog Method. It’s really not as hard as it seems.


  • Crazy headline – Grab your reader’s attention.
  • Funnel people to your blog – Provide links everywhere.
  • Create a stir – Use the media to your advantage and create buzz worthy stories.
  • Bring in experts – What you don’t know, find someone who does and share their story.

Let people know the real you – There is nothing more important in blogging than authenticity.

Mastering the Tim Ferriss Blog Method and growing a high traffic blog without killing yourself are attainable goals once you break them down into the few things that really move the needle. Follow these few examples and you’ll be well on your way to becoming the next Tim Ferriss except, with a little more hair.

Please share your favorite Tim Ferriss posts: