The Importance of an Annual Time Block and Ideal Week

This week I am creating my annual time block for 2014 and updating my ideal week. Without this exercise, the new year will be chaos.  An annual time block guarantees that the important things get scheduled.

annual time block

What gets scheduled gets tracked and what gets tracked gets done.  Getting the important things down on my schedule gives the important things in life a chance to actually get done.  December is a time for reflection and planning.  It is also the perfect time to update or create an annual time block and ideal week.

During this process I analyze what worked this year.  I also analyze the more important statistic of what did not work.  For instance, I failed to stay connected to my outside team.  The guys who handle our installations, midstream activity, and our CNG Storage Spheres did not get enough face time with me this year.  I’ll schedule more of that on my annual time block.

I’m a huge fan of benchmarking.  I use Michael Hyatt’s template.  You can find it at the bottom of his home page or in this post.

I follow his approach and schedule the most important non-discretionary things first.  I then move to the most discretionary things:

1. Company Holidays

2. Church Holidays

3. Industry Events

4. Vacations

5. Board Meetings

6. Meetings with Outside Team

7. Business Review Meetings

8. Special Trips

9. Time With Friends

The key is to schedule what is important to you.  If you don’t schedule it, I guarantee less important, seemingly urgent, things will crop up and squeeze out the important things in your life.  You’ll wake up one day and wonder where all the time went.  Worse, you’ll regret not having spent enough time on the important things.

This is a great time to take care of yourself because you and your family are often the first to be sacrificed when work gets crazy.  Schedule important family events such as births or weddings.  Pre-plan your vacations and plan time for social activities.  By planning the non-discretionary items first, you can look at your whole year and find the most opportune times for family vacations and social activities.  This way they have a better chance of happening.

The next thing I do is revamp my ideal week.  The demands on my time are always changing.  This reflective time is a good chance to realign my priorities and ensure that I’m allowing enough time in the day for what is most important.

The largest benefit of an ideal week is that it adds borders and forces you to delegate.  If you find yourself spending more time on one thing than you have allotted for that activity, you need to delegate some of these tasks.  By having these borders, you ensure that you’re forced to spend time on what is most important and delegate whatever doesn’t fit.

I also use Michael’s Ideal Week as a template.  Here is a link to my ideal week.

I allot time in the following order:

1. Faith – This is the most important thing.  If I achieve nothing else all day, I’ll at least have taken care of my soul.

2. Self – This is like the oxygen mask on an airplane.  If I’m not 100% I can’t give 100%, it’s that simple.

3. Family – These are the most important people to me.  I make sure there is time set aside for them.

4. Advancing the company – Many companies find themselves stagnant.  Growth is intentional.

5. Taking care of the company – Last, I give time to the day to day tasks.  These are the first items to be delegated when my schedule is tight.

If you don’t fill your time with your priorities, someone else will fill it with theirs.  Creating an annual time block and an ideal week guarantees you are living your own life.  It also creates the kind of balance and borders you need to be successful as a leader.

What are your favorite exercised to prepare for the new year?

A&E’s Real Motive To Suspend Phil Robertson

The decision to suspend Phil Robertson, from the filming of his hit show Duck Dynasty, by A&E, could prove to be the best marketing move of 2013.

suspend phil robertson

What we see on the surface is that Phil Robertson stuck to his beliefs about homosexuality in an interview with  GQ Magazine (formerly Gentlemen’s Quarterly).  A&E decided that they did not agree with his stance and chose to suspend Phil Robertson from the filming of the hit reality show Duck Dynasty.  But there’s more to this story than meets the eye.

A&E didn’t mind offending atheists by showing a family prayer at the end of each episode.  They certainly didn’t mind offending animal rights activists when they showed Phil Robertson and family killing wild animals.  But apparently, the homosexual duck hunters is a demographic you don’t want to offend.

Something isn’t adding up here.  Why would A&E suspend Phil Robertson and not just cancel his contract or cancel the show all together?  My bet, is we are witnessing a very clever butt covering trick turned marketing ploy.  It’s likely the best I’ve seen all year!

I’m willing to bet that things get “sorted out” just in time for the January 15th premiere of Duck Dynasty.  In the mean time, you can learn a thing or two about viral marketing.  And you don’t even have to suspend Phil Robertson from your Tivo recordings.

Surround a Great Debate – No one will win the homosexuality debate any time soon (I’m sorry everyone on Facebook).  It has gone on since the beginning of time.  The news that A&E would suspend Phil Robertson wouldn’t last very long, people need a sub debate to keep talking about, so why not suspend Phil Robertson and wrap him into the middle of the great debate about sexual orientation?

Don’t Hurt Yourself – I seriously doubt that A&E’s decision to suspend Phil Robertson is actually hurting him.  He may not be in a few episodes this season though.  When they do that on a regular show it’s called “vacation.”

Fight Fire With Fire – GQ and A&E are owned by larger companies.  Conde Nast and Hearst Corporation respectively.  These two companies are competing for your eyes.  It would appear that GQ had a few pointed questions that they knew would get Phil Robertson into some hot water.  I don’t know if they thought this would end Duck Dynasty, but A&E sure spun this in their direction by suspending their star and creating huge buzz.  A suspension will certainly say “we don’t agree with his opinion” but still allow you “work it out so he’s back on the show” well before the season premiere.  Well before you lose any fans.

Know Your Market – I’m not sure what the demographic for Duck Dynasty is, but I they’re finding out while watching everyone on the internet debate who’s right and who’s wrong.  As such, they may even build a more loyal following from this.   People who support Phil’s view are more apt to purchase Duck Dynasty merchandise now to show their support.

Don’t offend – This is where GQ has hurt themselves.  They chose to ask questions that would insight certain answers in order to try to increase their sales.  Which I’m sure was a success.  But at what cost?  There are real people, with real feelings, who are offended by what was said.  No increase in profits can be worth offending good people.

I could be wrong about all of this.  As it stands right now, we’ll just have to wait and see.


What do you think: Did A&E just make the best marketing move of 2013?

Finding Peace in Struggle

Life seems to be full of difficulty at times.  Finding peace in struggle is a hard thing to do.  I’ve been struggling with this lately.

Finding Peace in Struggle

Finding a way to balance family, work, health, and personal goals seems like a never ending practice in failure.  Despite our best intentions, plans, and execution, the world finds a sneaky way to trip us up and leave us short of living up to our expectations.

Such has been my experience for a while.  Achiever is in my top 5 strengths, so I naturally feel an urge to always get everything marked off my To Do List.  But finding peace in struggle, until recently, has never been an item that needed to be marked off.

Finding peace in struggle is sometimes seen as the opposite of getting things done.  Sitting still for me seemed like a missed opportunity to accomplish my goals.  That is until my wife forced me to practice stillness.

Finding peace in struggle is the only way to regain control of the situation, nourish your soul, provide you the rest you need, and keep you mentally sharp as you try to defend your dreams for the world’s inevitable folly.

This is my short list of steps to find peace in struggle:

1. Take 5 – I have to credit my wife with this one.  When I’m fighting the day too hard, she puts me in time out.  She’s a mom and a certified counselor so she knows what she’s doing.  It’s hard to sit still for 5 minutes.  I have to actually focus on not doing anything.  After 5 minutes, I’m oddly refreshed, focused, and seeing the world with a new perspective.

2. Get Some Sun – There is something therapeutic about the sun.  I force myself to bask in it at least a few times a day.  The pink wash the sun provides in the morning is better than any coffee kick.  The bright warmth of the midday sun provides vitamin D and refreshes the soul.  The evening orange on my skin has a calming and reassuring affect.  As Matthew Mcconaughey once said “I’m solar powered.”

3.  Set Your Standards Low – IBM became a global giant by giving their salespeople low daily quotas.  Tim Ferriss’s writing goal is only two crappy pages a day.  Stephen King only aims for 2,000 words a day (about 2 hours),  These low standards also lower our natural resistance to achievement.  Once you start, you often exceed your own expectations.

4. Focus on the Important – The important things are what moves the needle in our lives, not the urgent.  For me, the important things fall into one of only four categories.  These are Faith, Family, Fitness, and Finance, in that order.  If I tend to these matters first, the rest seems to work itself out.

5. Be Present – It’s very easy to lose yourself in your to do list and busy schedule.  But to find peace in struggle you must understand that what is happening right now, is the most important thing you can be doing in that exact moment.  Clear your mind of everything else, you’ll get to it in due time.  Trust me, work will be there tomorrow, and the next day, and the next day.

6. Trust in God – One of the largest themes of the Bible is to cast your worries to God. “Look at the birds of the air; they do not sow or reap or store away in barns, and yet your heavenly Father feeds them. Are you not much more valuable than they?” – Matthew 6:26.

Finding peace in struggle is an essential ability to keep you in control of your situation.  It is a daily struggle, something that require intervention by my wife at times.  But with out slowing down and harnessing the peace that comes in rest, you’ll quickly burn out.

What is happing in your life that require you to find peace in struggle?

Use This Morning Recipe For A Better Start To Your Day

A morning recipe is like an opening drive in a football game.  In Football, the opening drive is the most important drive of the game.  How you come out of the gate often dictates if you will win or lose.  The same is true about your morning ritual.  How you start your day, often dictates how successful you will be.  To ensure a successful day, every day, I’ve created this morning recipe.


I call it a recipe because that’s really what it is.  There are key ingredients that must be combined in just the right portions to create the exact same results time and time again.

I credit this morning recipe as the cause of much of my success.  I’ve come to guard it from interruption and diversion.  If I follow the recipe, my day has a very high likelihood of ending well.  If something interrupts it or keeps me from getting it just right, my whole day can spiral downhill quickly.

Why is a morning recipe so vital?  Just like the opening drive of a football game, it sets the tone and creates a an aggressive confidence that can carry you through the rest of the game, or in this case, the rest of your day.

This same aggressive confidence can be yours every day if you know how to systematically create it.  This is exactly how I set myself up for a win every single morning.

My Morning Recipe for Success:

1. Get enough sleep the night before.  Waking up tired leads to grumpiness.  Grumpiness leads to a negative attitude.  A negative attitude will keep your momentum heading in the wrong direction.

2. Hydrate before bed.  The groggy feeling you experience when you wake up is often dehydration mistaken for tiredness.  I use a Nuun Active Hydration Tablet in 16 oz of water 1 hour before bet to ensure I wake up hydrated.  The effect is astonishing.

3. Wake up on time or earlier.  Being late will put you in a rush and make you feel a little depressed.  You have to avoid negativity like at all cost in the morning to ensure a positive start.

4. Consume 30 in 30.  Consume 30 grams of protein within 30 minutes of waking.  This gives you the energy to create a good vibe of productivity.

5. Make the perfect cup of coffee.  Here is my recipe for the perfect cup of coffee.  It’s such an important part of your morning recipe that Apple invests thousands in the right coffee and coffee maker.


Jony Ive’s Secret Coffee Ritual

— Jayson Feltner (@JaysonFeltner) December 9, 2013

6. Play music that gets you going.  This ingredient in my morning recipe is the sugar to the cupcake.  It is both essential and enjoyable.  I play my “Contemporary Singer-Songwriter” playlist on Pandora.

7. Create a repeatable success structure.  For me, this part of my morning recipe looks like this.

8:00 to 8:30 – reading and coffee – I read my feedly, the WSJ, and USA Today.

8:30 to 9:00 – Process my email and inbox – I do this following the GTD method.

9:00 to 9:30 – Set others up for success – this is when add items for my team on Nozbe.  I’ll also meet with my direct reports and convey my expectations for the day.

8. Create a short list  of must do items.  After processing in and my email, I’ll have everything I need to do in my Nozbe.  Then I choose the top 3 items.  If these were the only items I accomplished all day, I’d have had a successful day.  I mark these as next actions.  Then I get started on the first item.

By having at least one of these items checked off before 10:30 in the morning, I’ve set myself up with an opening drive touchdown.

Creating a repeatable morning recipe that leads to success ensures you’ll have a successful and productive day every day.  I’ve tried winging it and found my results sporadic.  Creating a morning recipe like this has had an incredible impact on my success and productivity since I’ve implemented it.

Try this recipe today and let me know how it works for you?

How The Web Has Revolutionized Christmas Shopping

For the last few years I’ve done almost all of my Christmas shopping online.  I’m blown away by how the web has revolutionized Christmas shopping in the last few years.  The offering, ease of use, and display is incredibly astonishing these days.  I actually prefer online Christmas shopping to store shopping now.

Christmas Shopping

When I was young, growing up in the San Antonio area, we would make our annual family Christmas shopping trip to the North Star Mall in San Antonio.  I would take a pocket full of money that I had saved, and I’d split away from the family.  This way they could buy for me and I could buy for them.


The mall would be bustling, Christmas music playing on the sound system, and excitement in the air.  A few years later, I was introduced to online shopping and my world changed, a little.  Until recently, I would still go to the mall.  Anyone I couldn’t find something for, I’d start looking online.  It’s the other way around now.


As a fan of the Tech Sector, and transplant into the desert, I’ve found a strong draw to shopping in my sweatpants on the couch.  It’s much simpler than store shopping because you can:


1. Shop for specific items instantly rather than running from store to store.

2. Compare deals across platforms.

3. Drop ship directly to recipients, thus saving time and money.

4. Avoid the crowds.


I’ve found several go-to sites and services that I rely on to make my Christmas shopping simple and stress free.


1. Awesome Note – This isn’t a site for Christmas Shopping but it is where I accumulate my ideas throughout the year.  You can lock notes so they can only be opened with a password.  Anytime I hear someone mention something they want, I make a note of it.  This makes Christmas shopping happen quickly.


2. – This is my first stop for Christmas shopping.  I was making a train track with my son yesterday and noticed he bumps the bridges over on accident while he’s playing.  His electric powered, ‘Thomas the Train” engine is also slowing down.  I searched bridges and trains on Amazon.  I was done shopping in five minutes.

A few of my favorite features:

A. Search and find a variety of items.
B. Prices are typically the best on the web
C. Prime includes free two day shipping.  It costs $70 annually, but you save that much in shipping during one Christmas shopping season.
D. Scan UPCs in the store and see if Amazon offers it cheaper.
E. They offer gift-wrapping and drop shipping.
F. Create custom ‘wish lists’ for each person you’re buying for.  This way you can earmark the item in June, then buy it when your Christmas shopping

3. Etsy – My wife introduced me to this site.  She buys personalized gifts, mostly for our friends’ new babies.  They offer custom, personalized, gift options for insanely cheap prices.  Plus you’re buying from individuals and mom and pop stores.  The only negative is that I have ordered items before that didn’t arrive on time from the person who made it.


4. Pinterest – You can find great ideas on Pinterest.  Many of the items link back to a small mom and pop retailer who can make it for you.  These items are often amazing and very custom.


5. Google Shopping – There are always items that you just have to touch and feel to know if you’ll like it.  This is the biggest fear of online Christmas shopping.  When I find an item like this, I search for it in Google and can usually find it at a retailer that is close to me.  For this reason, I still like to go Christmas shopping at the mall so I can see items.  If I find something that’s perfect for someone, ‘ll see if I can find it cheaper online.


There is no doubt that the web has revolutionized Christmas shopping.  With the advent of tablets and smartphones, the mobile platforms for Christmas shopping keep you from being tied down to a computer.  You can literally go mobile.  I scan UPCs on my iPhone and buy items via Amazon.


Big Box Stores may have killed the mom and pop stores in the past but the web is giving them a comeback thanks to sites like Etsy, Pinterest, and even Amazon where they can sell their goods.  The mobile aspect gives them access to millions of Christmas shoppers every year and I am thankful for that.


How much Christmas shopping do you do online?


Change The Way You Think About Work

Working 9 to 5 makes you hold on to busy work so you have something to do and prevents you from being truly free to focus on your passions.  To achieve your corporate goals, you must change the way you think about work.  You feel like you’re cheating your employer if you’re not 100% fully engaged in an active activity.  This is termed Work For Work’s Sake.

Change the Way You Think About Work

The truth is that you were hired to accomplish certain goals.  Use your team and your own productivity to achieve those goals faster.  In order to do this, you must change the way you think about work.


Some companies and even leaders struggle with this idea.  The status quo is to have a to-do list that never ends.  So as long as you’re “actively” working on some to-do item, you feel like you’re providing the company with quality work.  The truth is, this way of thinking cheats everyone of grown and achievement.


Think of a board member.  They get paid to be on that board but they don’t do any of the day to day work.  This is how executives should operate.  They serve two purposes:


1.  To create and cast vision

2.  To serve others by directing the work and keeping the company on track toward that vision


It is not an executives job to do the daily tasks.  When you start doing the daily tasks, you tie up the physics bandwidth needed to create vision.  You also lose yourself in the work and lose site of where the company is headed.  This is why you must change the way you think about work.


I’ve experienced this and our company has grown but we have achieved very few of the goals I set out to achieve this year.  This is because I have no time to pursue those goals or move the company towards my vision.  Instead, all my time and mental energy is spent doing things others could and should be trained to do.


When I first began attending a small group at my church, it was run by one of our pastors.  He scheduled the meetings, prepared the lessons and took attendance.  A few weeks later, he approached me about running the group because he was leaving it. “What will you do if you’re not leading the group?” I asked.


“I’ll lead a different group.” he replied.  This should be how we approach our work as executives.  Lead the charge and focus on setting up a successful group.  Once it is running, hand it off and move on to the next goal.


These are 5 things you can do right now to correct your behavior and create the company you’ve always wanted.


GTD –  Start processing and delegating.  Use David Allen’s Getting Things Done book.  Identify tasks that need to happen, do the ones you can do in 2 minutes, delegate anything someone else can do 80% as well as you can and schedule the items only you can do.


Create your ideal work week.  The key is to design your ideal week with your goals in mind.  In this way,you’ll set aside time to accomplish them.  By sticking to this schedule, you’ll force yourself to have to shed the busy work you do for work’s sake and focus on goal setting, vision casting and company monitoring.


Give time for creative release.  This is when I write, it’s work related because what I write is my ideas about how I can make Allied better. These ideas are fully developed only when I think it through and blog on it.  Without allowing myself this time, I won’t fully understand my thoughts and goals.


Get your delegation organized.  I like to use Nozbe. I can assign tasks to my employees and track their progress.  As I process “IN,” I delegate anything I can.  I am then able to see things completed in real time.


Schedule meetings with yourself.  I can’t stress the importance of this enough.  Setting aside an hour or two to revisit your business plan, the goals you want to achieve and your current progress will be the single most important thing most leaders do. Unfortunately, most leaders can’t peal away from their inbox of their staff long enough to do this.  Block off a few hours on your schedule, close your door and get to work.  Everyone will benefit in the end.


If your business is anything like mine, you’ve probably failed to live up to your own expectations this year.  I almost always do.  Implementing these 5 simple things will help you to change the way you think about work and grow your business to what it should be.


Do you struggle with delegating so you can focus on higher level problems?




How To Reach Your Audience

What could your company achieve if only you could reach your audience and get the traffic you deserve?  These 5 tools are guaranteed to grow your business by helping you reach your audience more quickly and efficiently.

How To Reach Your Audience

When I began blogging a few years ago, I would write a post, publish it to my site, then hope and pray that someone would find it.  Sadly, I didn’t achieve the results I was wishing for.  The hack you’ll need to know to reach your audience is that you must DRIVE traffic to your site.


You cannot simply publish something and hope it will do well.  You have to plaster it across the Internet.  You must be everywhere at once and completely unavoidable.  It has taken me years to learn what I’m about to teach you in just a few minutes, so keep reading.


I first realized how important it is to drive traffic to your blog or product site when I read Tim Ferriss’ How To Create A Global Phenomenon For Less Than $10,000.


I always assumed his book did so well because it was a great book.  But the truth is, his book did so well because it is a great book and he made sure people knew about it.  No matter how great a product is, it will never succeed unless people know about it.


When the popular app Draw Something launched in early 2012, they spent 100% of their marketing budget in the first few weeks.  The app was literally plastered everywhere.  Once the early evangelists found it, they spread it like wild fire, ultimately leading to OMGPOP’s sale to Zynga for $180 Million.


So how do you reach your audience with your product?  What follows is the short version of what you can do on a daily basis to make sure your blog posts, of your product offerings are seen by millions every day.


Utilize social media.  This one comes as a no brainer but it can’t be overlooked.  Draw Something’s success is largely credited to its ability to be spread amongst friends via Facebook invitations.  Posting your blog posts or products to social media site is a must so they can be shared by your evangelical followers.


Start using Hootsuite. This service allows you to monitor what is going on across all social media platforms.  There is no need to exhaust yourself by constantly staying connected on several different sites.  Use Hootsuite to monitor the conversation surrounding your offerings but also use it to find opportunities to share your offerings with others who can benefit from it.


Add the extension NeedTagger to your Hootsuite.  NeedTagger will identify people you do not follow, who are looking for your product.  For example, when I publish this post, I’ll use NeedTagger to find people who are looking to gain exposure and reach their audience.  I’ll send them a link to this post and they’ll share it with their friends.


Use services like Vocus.  Through PR Web, you can send out press releases about your products and posts.  My post about my 5K Playlist was picked up by the Houston Chronicle and several other large media outlets.  This exposure ultimately lead to thousands of new readers in a single day.


Use syndication services. Personally, I use Onlywire though I’ve heard there are other good services as well.  These services can post your most recent information directly from your RSS feed and distribute it to multiple outlets.  These services will post your latest information to bookmarking sites and social sharing sites such as Scribd, Reddit, Digg, FriendFeed and much more.


Set up a Google Alert.  Have Google monitor the web for use of your keywords.  This will give you direct access to the web’s discussion of your idea or service.  Go to these sites and get involved in the conversation.  The readers of these sites are people who are looking for what you’re offering.


These few simple steps are guaranteed to help you reach your audience and expose your products, ideas and services to the masses.  A great product is worthless unless it is given the opportunity to impact others.  Using these few hacks, you give your product a chance to reach your audience and begin to change the world.


What have you recently had success doing to reach your audience?




5 Secrets To a Successful Speech

The number 1 fear in the United States is public speaking.  People are afraid that they won’t be able to deliver a successful speech.  Number 2 is death!  As Jerry Seinfeld put it, “this means for an average American, if you have to be at a funeral, you’d rather be in the casket than delivering the eulogy”.

5 Secrets to a Successful Speech

No doubt public speaking can be nerve racking.  There is so much opportunity to make a fool of yourself.  You’re under the spotlight and all eyes are on you.  This is not a scenario most people are used to.  Fortunately, delivering a successful speech isn’t as difficult as most people make it out to be.


I recently had the opportunity of a lifetime to speak to Texas State University’s Studies in Entrepreneurship Class.  Compared to other successful speeches I’ve delivered, this small group of students should have been a breeze.  But for me, this was a Bucket List item.


I took Dr. Bell’s class as an undergrad student.  This particular class was the reason I had selected Texas State University over the more widely revered University of Texas.  I’m very glad I did.  When I graduated, I wrote down a list of accomplishments that would measure my success as my career developed.  At the top of that list was “deliver a successful speech to the Studies in Entrepreneurship Class”.


There is a very short list of speakers every year and each speaker is handpicked by the professors.  To make this list was a big deal.  The list included big names.  A former CEO of Harley Davidson, Presidential Advisor Karl Rove, ATP Oil and Gas Founder T. Paul Bulmahan, have all been past speakers.


Making the list was exciting but set me up for huge failure.  What if I wasn’t any good?  Here I am delivering a speech I’d remember for the rest of my life.  The actual speech would dictate if this was going to be a good memory or a bad memory.  Luckily, I had my 5 secrets to a successful speech written down in my desk drawer.


I have developed this list for over several years already.  Each secret was discovered while watching the best in the industry such as Zig Ziglar, John C. Maxwell and Andy Andrews.  Use the 5 secrets and you’ll start to prefer the eulogy over the casket.


1. Give the audience what they need.  They’re all there for a reason, to grow.  Step one of any speech should be to write down who your audience is and what they need to know.  Then you can write a speech that would cater to their needs.


2. SCORRE!  I follow the method that is taught at the SCORRE conference.  Filling this outline out gives you everything you need to in one place to write the perfect speech outline.


3. Speak from the heart.  The audience will see through any lies in seconds.  Speak strictly on ideas that you know from the heart.  You shouldn’t need notes.


4. Use a slide presentation.  A good presentation doesn’t include much details.  Look at David Allen’s slides in this video.  Most are one or two words only.  The audience can read faster than you speak.  If your slides have too much details on it, the audience will just read them and tone you out.  Slides should provide the central theme, that is it.


5. Be comfortable.  The audience can sense fear quicker than anything.  Do whatever you must to be comfortable.  For Andy Andrews, he walks among the audience.  John Maxwell sits on a stool.  I walk the stage and am fairly animated with my expressions.  Audiences connect with authenticity.  They want to feel like they know you so it is critical that you make yourself vulnerable and deliver the real YOU.


Every speaker gets some sort of jitters.  If you don’t get them, there is something wrong with you.  But following these 5 secrets to a successful speech will help you deliver your presentation with the kind of calm confidence the pros exude.  The best speeches I’ve seen boil down to this simple formula.  Include all these secrets in your speech preparation and you’ll be able to deliver a successful speech every time.


What scares you the most about public speaking?