Avoiding Phone Interruptions And Increasing Productivity

What’s your office like? If it’s like the majority of offices, your executives are too easy to find. While this may not seem like a bad thing, it most definitely is. This is because it tends to be a huge time waster for the leaders of your company to be made available for anyone to bother with questions and problems.

The executives of your company need to have time for their selves to focus on the bigger picture for the company and to come up with big ideas to take them to the next level. Thankfully, there are ways for the leaders of your company to be both personable and effective at their work.


  1. Don’t give out your cell phone – This is step one to maintaining some sort of privacy and limiting your interruptions so you can spend time on the big picture.
  2. Learn to use your receptionist – This is an extension of number 1.   Receptionists can screen your calls for you and decide if the call is important enough to interrupt you, or if they should just take a message.  If the call is an emergency, or family, use the cell number.

With the help of receptionists, executives will have more time to work with the leaders of their company to come up with new ideas. Utilizing two phones works wonders for productivity. Use the office phone for daily business, that way your receptionist can screen the calls and take notes and forward the call as needed. When taking notes, your receptionist should take detailed notes, rather just saying so and so called. He/she should ask the caller questions to find out why so and so called, that way the leaders of your company can prepare for the callback.  Often times my receptionist can run down a list of calls and what the person needed.  I answer them to her and she sends them an email from my account.  If the call requires more detail, I’ll call during my calling time.  Yes, I bulk my calls like I bulk my emails.

Using these methods, the leaders and executives of your company will not only be available to others, but they will have more time to come up with big ideas, making everyone happy in the long run.

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