4 Hour Body – Day 1

4 Hour Body Day 1

Date:  Monday  January 30, 2012

Weight: 180.4 lbs

BF%:  15.1

Fat:  27.24 lbs


Breakfast: 300 cals

12 oz Cold Water

Egg Whites, Black Beans, Spinach

EC Stack (waiting for sups from Amazon)

2 Cups of coffee


Lunch: 500 Cals

Chicken, Black Beans with Salsa

12 oz cold water

EC Stack

12oz cold Yerba Matte


Snack: 150 Cals




3 sets of Russian Kettlebells (25 reps per set) 50 lbs

10 Mystatic Crunches

10 Cat Vomit Crunches


Dinner: 600 Cals

Pork Loin, Black Beans with Salsa, Salad with balsamic vinagarette

12 oz cold water


Ice Therepy at 8:00 PM

Cold Shower at 9:00 PM

Pre Bed Meal: 200 Cals

Miscellar Casein in 8oz cold water.


Total water intake for day: 1.5 Gallons (includes sipping)

Supps:  Animal pack, ZMA, Aminos


Day went well.  Never felt hungry.  Still reading the rest of the 4 hour body but it’s going well.  I pre-made all my breakfasts so I could eat within 30 minutes of waking.

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