4 Hour Body – First 5 Days

Down 5 lbs in the first week!  I haven’t been able to update my readers on the last several days of progress with The 4 hour Body.  This post will serve as an update for the last few days.  I’ve been eating pretty much the same stuff I was eating the first day.  Of course my breakfasts have been the same since I made a weeks’ worth on Sunday night.  My lunches have been my pork loin.  I’ll create a post this weekend of the recipe so others can enjoy.  It has been my favorite meal so far.

A few night I have had steak.  I had NY Strip on Wednesday night and Filet last night.  I usually pair my steak with Broccoli and beans.  Wednesday was pinto beans (low sodium and organic) and last night was refried.  I was at a restaurant last night so the selection was limited.  The great thing about the “slow-carb diet” is you can pretty much always find something on the menu that will work, so you’re usually always able to go out to eat.

Before bed I take my supplements and consume 30 grams of miscellar casein proteins.  I pair it with a few celery sticks for fiber and I’m off to bed.

I’ve had my supplements now for only a full 2 days but they seem to be working well.   I’m completely off the EC stack, it’s a good thing too.  That stuff can be bad for your health and is dangerous.

I’ll be putting up an amazon store and will link the supplements there so you can easily navigate to them and make a purchase if you need to get them.  It’ll take me a little while to get it set up so please be patient for a week or so.

The hardest thing to do has been the cold showers.  I’ve taken 3 this week.  Kicking back in my easy chair with an ice pack on my shoulders and neck isn’t hard at all.  I’ll read or watch tv with my wife for 30 -45 minutes.  It’s no big deal and I think it’s helping.  I’ll work on the showers and let you guys know what I can figure out to make them not so painful.


My workouts this week have been:

Kettlebells and abs on Monday

Incline DB Press, Yates Rows, Drag Curls, and abs on Wednesday

Kettlebells and abs again on Friday


I must add that I am extreamely skeptical of this work load and feel like I could lose more if I were hitting the stair-master hard.  But I’ve got the gusto to stick to Tim’s plan and do exactly as the book instructs.

My biggest mess up…. I have a Twix candy bar waiting in the pantry for Sunday.  Never buy your treats early.  It just makes it harder to avoid falling off the wagon.  If the temptation wasn’t even there it would probably be easier to keep it out of my mind.

On the flip side, Sugar Free Jello is a life saver.  When you get that insatiable urge to snack on something sweet, here is your fix.  My personal favorite is orange flavor.

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