5 Reasons Why You Should Become a Blogger

When I decided to become a blogger, it was purely out of the interest to become a better writer.  I had enjoyed writing in my youth.  As an adult, I found myself writing only emails, technical documents, and notes.  I wanted to really write again.  So I decided to become a blogger.

become a blogger

A blog gives you the chance to write for the world, not just yourself.  But I quickly found that it gives you much more than that.  There are intangible values that come with blogging that I never intended to be part of the process.

When people ask me why I blog (because I make much more money leading an energy company) I tell them that they should become a blogger.  I promise that they’ll find the value I find, only when they begin writing.

Since establishing a blog can take a while, I’ll give you my top 5 reasons why I think it is a good idea for you to become a blogger.

1. You have something to share. I have often thought that everyone has done the things I’m doing and I offer nothing new.  That’s simply not the case.  Some of the things I thought everyone was already doing are the things people comment on and shared the most.  Like how I remember names or my 5k playlist, for example.

2. Open a dialogue to expose yourself.  Just as a plant cannot survive when it has not sun light,  you too will not grow when you are not exposed to the light.  Becoming a blogger opens you up to a community of sharing.

3. People are actively looking for what you know. Like millions of others, I find myself online every day looking for what I don’t know.  I’ve learned how to use a schedule to protect margin in my life from Michael Hyatt. I’ve also learned how to make the perfect cup of coffee from Tim Ferriss.  Without their willingness to share, I would not know these wonderful things.

4. You are an expert. The way Tim Ferriss makes a cup of coffee may not be the best way.  While I think he is exceptionally bright, it doesn’t make him the world’s authority on coffee.  It also doesn’t mean that his cup is better than your cup.  What you do well has its own value that can directly benefit others.

5. Writing is a filter for ideas. I’ve heard others say it and I completely agree, I don’t truly know something until I’ve blogged about it.  Writing forces you to get your thoughts clear and accurate.  It forces you to filter your ideas into a concise thought.  You become smarter and more knowledgeable about a subject when you write about it.

When I decided to become a blogger I had no idea what I was getting into.  It is a drive, a passion, an enlightenment.  It is a community, a sense of sharing, and an expression of self.  To truly understand this, you too should become a blogger.

Are you ready to become a blogger?

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