A Business Idea You Can Steal – Radio Broadcasting

Periodically I post a business idea that I’d love someone to steal.  It’s usually something I would personal do if I had the time, talent, or knowledge.  But since I don’t, I hope to find someone who does, so I can fund them.

This time, the business idea I’d like to fund is a radio broadcasting or podcasting for syndication.

Every day at noon, one of my favorite local stations, KVET used to play Paul Harvey’s radio broadcasting of “The Rest of The Story.”  Ever since Paul Harvey’s radio broadcasting days ended, there has been a void in my heart.  No one read the news like Mr. Harvey.

He possessed the power to transcend time and slow down life.  His mellifluous voice could capture my soul and calm my heart.  Listening to his radio broadcasting programs was refreshed my spirit better than taking a mid day nap.

If I could find someone with a great radio voice and a unique take on the news, I’d fund their show right away.  Even if I was the only one listening to their podcast, I’d love to download it every day at noon and get a recap of the day’s best news stories on my way home from lunch.

While I personally would love this business, I think it would be a great success as a Kickstarter Campaign.  I’d love to advise or even invest in this business.

If you’re not familiar with Paul Harvey’s take on the news, I’ve posted a Youtube clip below.

“Hello Americans, this is Paul Harvey.  Stand by for news!” – Sends shivers down my spine every time.


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