Set Yourself Up To Accomplish Your Fitness Goals This Year

If you’re like most people, you’ve got a 92% chance that you WILL NOT accomplish your fitness goals this year.  Only 8% of the people who set New Year’s Resolutions this year will actually accomplish their goal.  This is how they do it.

accomplishing your fitness goals

The most frequent New Year’s Resolution is always “lose weight”. Sadly, if this were easy, we’d all be in excellent health.  The truth is, to accomplish your fitness goals this year will be tough.  But fortunately, it is getting much easier.

I personally am always chasing some sort of fitness goal.  For the last 10 years, I’ve lost weight, gained muscle, improved my diet, ran more, and ran faster.   I have only been able to accomplish my fitness goals by following a specific regimen that works. Over the next few posts, I’ll share everything I’ve learned in a decade to guarantee you’ll accomplish your fitness goals this year.

What follows is an overview of what’s to come.  Follow this regimen and you’ll accomplish your fitness goals this year for sure.

SMART Goals – Learn to set goals that get results.  Here is a link to my post on SMART Goals.

Set small goals – Lose 50lbs is a big goal.  Lose 4lbs a month, not so bad. Same result.

Change frequently – If you’re like me, you’ll get tired of the doing the same thing over and over and soon lose interest.  To keep it fresh, I change my goal every month.  My goal in January is to clean up my eating.  February is about getting in the gym a certain number of times, March is all about running and so on.  These are all different objectives that keep you moving forward to accomplish your fitness goals this year.

Track your progress in real time – It’s hard to see the fat coming off on a day-to-day basis because you’re comparing yourself today to yourself yesterday.  The change is too small to notice.  Instead track your progress daily so that 30 days from your first day, you can look back at your starting point and actually see results.  Results are insanely motivating.

My Fitness Pal  – I use this app to track all my calories.  To accomplish your fitness goals this year, you’ll need to figure out how many calories you want to eat.  Use this app to guarantee you eat only that amount.

Runkeeper – This is the app where I keep track of my running.  It is motivating to see my progress from the first run of the year to the last.  Once you become consistent with your running, you won’t want to break the chain.

Jawbone Up – I use this to track myself overall.  I’m wearing it right now as I type.  It tracks how many calories I burned during the day, so I can compare it with how many I’ve eaten in MyFitnessPal.  The two sync up together so I can see how many extra calories I’ve burned in real time.  It also syncs with Runkeeper to track my calories burned on my runs.

Small Meals – To accomplish your fitness goals this year you’ll want to learn to eat smaller meals.  I eat five meals a day.  Each one is smaller than your average meal.  If you’re trying to lose weight, this will help you remain satiated.  If you’re trying to gain muscle, this will keep your body full of available nutrients.

To accomplish your fitness goals this year subscribe to my email updates.  I’ll send you one update a week about what you should be focusing on that week.

This year is the year of you.  Go out and get what you’re worth.


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