The One Trigger Keeping You From Achievement

I often meet people who feel stuck in one aspect of life or another.  They want to experience a break-through achievement, but can’t figure out how.

The One Trigger Keeping You From Achievement

Often times they use one of the following excuses:

  • Don’t have the financial resources
  • Don’t have the time
  • Don’t have what it takes
  • Don’t have the luck

Actually, the reason most people can’t seem to grasp a break-through achievement is because they are not organized.

“Fail to plan and you have planned to fail.” – Someone Smart

I often meet people who have a dream or a fantasy of some achievement they’d like to accomplish.  These same people have the same dream when I see them 10 years later.

They have made zero progress.  What have they been doing for the last decade?  Surely, they haven’t been just sitting around.  They’ve been busy, but not in the right direction.

What stands between them and their successful achievement is an executable plan.

The rule applies whether your achievement is something grand like, ‘make a million dollars’ or something simple like ‘get all my work done today’.  The distance between you and achievement is measured in action steps.

Getting organized and finally accomplishing that great achievement comes down to a few simple steps:

  1. Un-clutter – Gather all your information and process it.  This step is often the first stumbling block.  People feel that in order to be achieving something they must be working on action items.  This creates the multi-tasking and lack of direction that is keeping your from your big achievement.  Taking an inventory of where you are beginning is essential for creating a path to where you want to be.  My go to method for processing in is the GTD Method.
  2. List Goals – Create a list of what must be done in order to reach your goal.  The single biggest mistake people make in goals is adding too many details.  I find that I can actually only achieve five things in one day.  Write out no more than five items on your daily to do list.
  3. Create Action Steps – Write out the next action step for each of your five goals for achievement.  This is the next logical step of action that can be taken on each goal.  I use Nozbe for all my action steps.
  4. Use Your Personal Secretary – Everyone needs someone who can come in and say “Here sir, you should be working on this now.”  Unfortunately, we can’t all have that.  Use your Action Steps list as your own personal secretary.  When you lack direction, have your list dictate what you should be doing.
  5. Keep Your Workspace Clean – A desk full of papers is distracting.  As you work in an area full of distractions, you’ll find more things you think you should be working on.  These will always take away from the task at hand.
  6. Give It Time Great achievements take time.  Achievements are often the culmination of small daily achievements added up one after another until finally they add up to one large achievement.

I’ve heard it said that, “you’ll spend as much time on a big deal as you will a small deal.”  Isn’t this often true?  We spend our entire day busy, but achieve nothing.  In order to accomplish great achievement, we must be intentional in what we allow to occupy our time.

What is the one great achievement you’ve been meaning to get to?

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