Aim For the Ideal

My lifelong habit of “people watching” has always led me to studying successful people.  When I was studying George W. Bush, I came across an old Meet the Press interview he did while he was running for the Republican nomination in the Presidential Race of 2000.  He said something in this interview that changed me profoundly.  It is something I had always done but never realized it was the key to much of my success.  Here is what he told Tim Russert.


“Society ought to aim for the ideal.”  Then later, “A person in my position ought to be promoting the ideal.”

This idea of promoting the ideal and aiming for the ideal took me a little while to let soak in but when it did, it was huge.  This is because the idea of aiming for the ideal can actually solve most problems we have individually and as a group.  Quickly picture you’re ideal dinner.  Imagine the setting, the food, and the people you’re with.

I would bet that you did not just picture a dilapidated shack, meager portions, or a group of felons.  You probably pictured a nice table in a nice big room, plentiful portions, and your closest friends and family, whom you probably don’t spend enough time with as it is.  Now if you’ll actually strive to make this situation happen, your life will be enhanced no doubt.  Here are just a few things aiming for the ideal can do.

  1.  Change our Communities – Picture a Norman Rockwell painting.  Do you see litter, smog, homeless people?  If everyone in our communities would promote the ideal we could eradicate many of the problems we see around us all day.  We would be more eager to take proactive measures to care for our surroundings, our environment, and others around us.
  2. Stop Crime – How many people do you think would really lie in bed at night and dream of knocking off a 7-11?  If we could all aim for the ideal, no one would justify a criminal act.  In today’s society, as long as the crime didn’t happen to us, we don’t worry about it.  But what if it messed with everyone in the community’s ideal?  Everyone would stand up against crime and send a message that would greatly slow crime rates in many of our cities.
  3. End World Hunger – This one is two-fold.  No one wants to see another go hungry, nor do we want to see ourselves eating our way to a heart attack.  If we could all aim for the ideal, we’d seek more ways to get food to the needy and also take better care of ourselves.

 The possibilities are really endless.  This is just a few examples of what we could do if we were aiming for the ideal together.  What could you do in your life if you were promoting the ideal lifestyle for yourself?

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