Amaze Yourself Today – The Process of Growth

I recently did something amazing, I walked.  It sounds much easier than it really is.  So many other people around the world are walking so well that it seems to be no big deal.  But when you consider just how hard the process of growth is, you will understand how amazing walking really is.


process of growth


Of course, it isn’t difficult for me to walk now, but it once was.  I struggled for months trying over and over, only to fail.  With each failure came a lesson.  Walking is easy now, I’ve been doing it for 27 years.  I was reminded nearly a year ago, however, just how hard the process of growth really is.

I had the privilege of watching my son Ryan learn to walk. It was so difficult for him to do something, that to the people around him, just seemed natural.  It was something new and he didn’t really understand the mechanics of it, until finally he’d done it.  Then it was simple.

I watched him struggle and I watched his amazement when he let go of his couch and took two steps toward me.  I watched as he’d look from the coffee table to the couch, only a few feet,  as if he were about to attempt to cross the Grand Canyon on a high-line.  This is how I feel every day going through the process of growth.

If you’re like me, you enjoy reading success stories of those in your industry.  A close customer of mine recently sold out for $600 million.  He’s done it before and to him it seemed easy.  To me, it seems like a high-line across the Grand Canyon.  But fortunately, I’ve learned to enjoy the process of growth.

  1. YDKWYDKUYKI – Try remembering that one!   You don’t know what you don’t know, until you know it.  Just like Ryan’s first steps, he couldn’t really understand walking until he walked.
  2. The Law of Process – Maxwell’s Law of Process is about the length of time and input required to succeed.  Rome wasn’t built in a day.  If you’re going to do something as simple as walk to the fridge, it will take months of practice.
  3. PerspectiveMicheal Hyatt makes blogging look so simple!  The fact of the matter is, he has put in more than 10,000 hours into his craft. You want a successful blog, it is going to take years.
  4. Embrace The Process – Everything you do each day compounds every day afterwards, if you are doing what matters.  I’ve seen businesses fail because they can’t stop dealing with the now long enough to do something that will actually lead to success.
  5. Embrace Fear – Fear is what keeps up from falling on our face.  Fear is what forces the process.  Without fear we’d skip crawling all together and go straight for walking.  Do not fear fear, instead embrace it, for it will force you through the process of growth.

The number of muscles that must work in perfect unison make walking an amazing feat!  I look around and it just seems so simple!  There are so many people performing this amazing act each day.  Every single one of them had to go through the process, but now look where they are.  If we can all learn to walk, we can learn anything.


How can embracing the Process of Growth benefit you in your goals?


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