Auto Tweet Your Latest Post on Twitter

Recently I wrote a post on automating your twitter account. It is important to participate in the discussion on social media and stay in front of your audience. You must keep them engaged and up to date.

Auto Tweet your blog posts

If you have been blogging for very long you understand how important it is to use as many outlets as possible to draw your readers in. One of the most popular outlets, of course, is Twitter. But what a pain to have to get online everyday and “tweet” your latest post.

Often I write posts days, even weeks, in advance of their publish date, so it’s really hard for me to always tweet my latest post on Twitter. So I figured out a way to Auto Tweet my blog posts on their publish date. This is how I’ve done it.

Buffer App – in my post last week about automating Twitter, I discussed the importance of this app. I have buffer on my iPhone, iPad, and PC. If you’re thinking about being active on Twitter, you need to sign up for a Buffer account. It is free and allows you to buffer up to 10 posts on a schedule of your choosing. – I also discussed this site recently. On this site you can create “recipes” that make two applications work together. Sign up for a free account. This is where the magic of Auto Tweeting  will occur.

Link your apps – Register your Twitter account and your Buffer account. You can repeat all these steps for Facebook, Google +, Digg, ect. We’re going to focus onTwitter for this post however. Once you have set these accounts up in Ifttt, you,re ready to write your recipe.

Create – Navigate to “Tasks” to create a task. You’ll be prompted to enter a “this.” For your this, click on the Feed icon and enter your RSS address. Mine looks like this: Next you’ll be prompted to enter a “that.” For your that, click on the Buffer icon and make sure your Buffer account is set up.

Set-up – Next, name your recipe and enter any extra text and or arrange what you want in your tweets. Mine is [New Post] then {post title} : {post url}. It is easier than it looks, ifttt does it all for you. Check out my Twitter @JaysonFeltner to see this tweet and you’ll understand my set up better.

Once you have followed these steps your Blog is ready to Auto Tweet your latest posts via your RSS feed and Buffer. You could also set your RSS straight to Twitter, but since I usually publish my posts at 3am, no one would see my tweet. I hope this helps you Auto Tweet your posts on Twitter.  This way you can focus more on creating great content and less on getting that content in front of your readers.

Question: How did you Tweet your latest posts in the past?


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