Should You Be An Early Riser – Three Famous Examples

It has been said that to be an early riser means that you’re more productive, wealthy, and successful.  Look no further for proof than to these three famous examples of what it’s like to be an early riser. A President of the United States, A CEO turned blogging expert, and a young up and coming author can’t be wrong.  They show why it is important to be an early riser.

Should you be an early riser?

How would you feel if you could accomplish more in each day by simply changing your sleep schedule?  Those who choose to be an early riser tend to accomplish more than those who stay up late.  The theories for why this is true abound.  The theory that makes the most sense is a simple one.  There isn’t much to do in the morning.

To be an early riser means you’re awake when the world is often asleep.  The sun has yet to rise, the world is quiet, and you’re often alone.  Most early risers use this time to do one or more of the following:

Self-Reflection and Care – such as, time with God or time to read the morning news

Intense Productivity – such as writing a book

Exercise – many early risers use this time to run or hit the gym

To be an early riser also often translates to be an early starter.  Most early risers arrive at work earlier than they must.  By the time most people arrive at the office, early risers are already in full swing.  Below are a few examples of what it’s like to be an early riser.

Jeff Goins – Jeff is a successful blogger and author.  He decided to be an early riser in order to grow his blog and his tribe.  Despite having a full time job and a newborn, Jeff used his early mornings to grow his readership and tribe.  Ultimately, Jeff was able to quit his day job and write full time.  Thanks to his decision to be an early riser, Jeff is now making more money working for himself.  It has been amazing to watch his site grow over that last few years.

Michael Hyatt – Michael chose to be an early riser to help him in both the corporate world and to grow his platform.  His decision to be an early riser played a role in him become the CEO of Thomas Nelson.  It also helped him to grow his platform and become the number one website for leadership advice in the world.  He was ultimately able to leave his CEO position and become a New York Times best seller, again.  He blogs in this link about being an early riser .  You can see his morning routine in his ideal week.

George W. Bush – A famous early riser, George’s decision to be an early riser ultimately lead him to eight years in the White House.  This article has some interesting insight into his typical day. It would begin at 5:30 am.  He was in the Oval Office by 7 am.  He used his mornings to catch up on news, spend time with God, and prepare himself to lead the nation.

The decision to be an early riser is a decision to become more successful.  Early risers tend to accomplish more, make more money, and are ultimately more successful in accomplishing their dreams.  Becoming the person you want to be can be as simple as making the decision to be an early riser.

What could you accomplish between 5:30 am and 9 am?


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