My Best Productivity Apps and How I Use Them

The request I receive the most often is for app recommendations.  Ever since I purchased my first iPhone, I’ve been a bit of an app junkie; always searching for the best productivity apps.  These are apps I use every single day and couldn’t live without now.

Best Productivity Apps

I frequently mention some of the apps I use in my speaking engagements and they always come up in the Q & A session.  Since they’re so popular, I decided to write a post about my best productivity apps and how I use them.

These are my top 10 best productivity apps that I recommend to everyone:

1. Nozbe – I use this app every single day.  “What gets tracked gets done.”  I use this app to track what tasks I need to do.  I also use this app to assign tasks to others including my employees and family.  They, in turn, use the app to assign tasks to me.  This keeps us all on the same page.

2. Focus Time – Competitive is my second highest ranked strength on the Strength Finders list.  This app times your activity, and then tells you to take a short break.  When I need to focus, this app motivates me to keep my butt in the chair until I complete a pomodoro.

3. Evernote – I live in this app.  It is my external brain.  This one app has made me (almost) paperless.  I can’t recommend it enough.  I’d also recommend reading Evernote Essentials to learn how to maximize your experience with this app.

4. Dropbox – This is my cloud of choice.  I store all my documents, as well as, backup my computers, phone, and iPad to Dropbox.  My favorite feature is the ability to share items with others by simply sending them a link.

5. Up – I use this app to track my physical activity, food intake, and sleep patterns.  These analytics help me hack my body and energy levels.

6. Scrivener – This is where I write everything that I write.  It syncs to Dropbox in one click, so it makes it easy to collaborate with my team.

7. Google Cards – I use Gmail and many other Google services every day.  Having the Google app on my phone allows me access to my Google Cards.  Google takes information from Gmail, Google Voice, Maps, Calendar, etc.  It then presents information that is important to me such as meetings, reservations, packages in transit, stock prices, traffic, and even restaurant recommendations!

8. My Ideal Week – If you don’t allocate your time, someone else will.  My Ideal Week isn’t really an app, but I use it like one.  I’ve loaded it onto my desktop and iPhone.  In one click I can see what I should be doing.  I’ve set these boundaries ahead of time so I know they’re based on my core values and designed to give me more time for what is important, and restrict time I can spend on things that aren’t.

9. Holy Bible App – Helps me find true north whenever I need it.  I use this app every morning for my Bible reading.  This app keeps me productive because it reminds me that I answer to a higher power.  When I’m feeling lazy, I remember whom I’m working for.

10. Photos – There is nothing more motivating than the ones you love.  When I can’t muster up the energy to shut off the world and just work, I look at my photos.  Seeing my family’s smiling faces is all I need to find the motivation to work harder.

I’m a self-confessed productivity junkie.  I’m always looking for ways to work smarter and more efficiently.   These apps help me to do just that every day.

I’d love to hear of some other apps that you use.  Please leave a comment in the section below.

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