Starting a Biphasic Sleep Lifestyle Again

A few years ago, I began experimenting with biphasic sleep.  It turned out to be just what I had been missing my whole life.

Most people struggle to achieve an optimum amount of restful sleep.  Folks are lucky if they get enough sleep every night.  We find ourselves exhausted at the end of each week feeling over worked and tired.

Biphasic sleep can fix all that.  Waking up with energy, raring to go and finding more time for the things you enjoy, is a reality.  It is a biphasic sleep reality.

Unfortunately, life can be brutal and demanding.  I recently went through a low point in my life.  We had taken on a building project with a builder who was terrible.  Homeless, stressed, overworked and at our wits end, I abandoned my biphasic sleep schedule and worked endlessly to remedy the situation.

Fortunately, we were able to find a temporary home and offload the stresses of building.  One of the first things I did in the new place was re-engineer my perfect sleep and enter back into a biphasic sleep schedule.  It turned out harder than I expected.

Restarting a biphasic sleep schedule is just as difficult as beginning one from scratch.

1. Resume

Enter into your old schedule even if it is not optimal.  You can adjust later.  Just as muscles have memory, so too does your circadian rhythm.  Here is my previous biphasic sleep schedule.

2. Sleep In

Set the alarm for the absolute last minute you must get out of bed.  This trick prevents oversleeping.  Oversleeping on your core sleep can throw your circadian rhythm off so bad and ruin any gains you’ve made.  To prevent oversleeping, leave yourself no other option.

3. White Noise

I downloaded White Noise – TMSOFT  from the app store.  The app blocks out distractions that keep you awake.  It also features a timer that will count down for 22 minutes.  I use 2 minutes to fall asleep followed by 20 minutes of sleep.  Brown noise is my favorite sound on the app.

4. Do Not Get Up

It is important for your body to learn that your nap time is an acceptable time to fall asleep.  After a day or two, your body will adjust and you’ll find it easy to fall asleep.  Your body will soon learn that this time is an acceptable time for a biphasic sleep nap.

Biphasic sleep has been a blessing in my life. It can enrich yours in ways you’ve only dreamed of as well.  If you’re just starting out, I advise you read this post about Starting a Biphasic Sleep Schedule. If you’re restarting biphasic sleep or having trouble adapting, try the tips above.

Please share your Biphasic Sleep success stories in the comments below.

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