How Long Should A Blog Post Be According to the Top 30 Bloggers

If you’re a blogger who has ever spent sleepless nights wondering if you’re doing the right things to become a top blogger, you’re not alone.  In fact, you’re in the majority of bloggers. Fortunately, this article will tell you exactly how to write the perfect blog post.  Don’t just take my word for it; this information is from the top 30 bloggers in the world.

How Long Should A Blog Be

To grow your blog, there are very few things you must do.  If your traffic isn’t rapidly growing, you’re missing one or more of these important things.  Don’t worry; this post will detail exactly what the top 30 bloggers in the world do to grow their traffic.

We’ve conducted extensive research on the top 30 bloggers in the world.  To do so, we used this list of the top 50 blogs in the world.  We ruled out the blogs that had multiple authors, since they were really just online magazines.  What’s left is priceless data that you can use on your own platform to become a world-class blogger with all the traffic that comes with it.

The first topic every blogger wants to know is, “How long should my posts be?”  This question is all over the internet with no definitive answer.

Michael Hyatt, a blogger on the top 30 list is an advocate for 500 word posts.  Seth Godin has made an insane impact on the world 40 words at a time.  Timothy Ferriss, author of The 4 Hour Work Week, has built a tremendous online presence, 5,000 words at a time.

With all these successful bloggers writing posts anywhere from 40 to 5000 words, how is a new blogger supposed to know what to do?

Here is your answer to “how long should a post should be?”

450 Words – Of the 30 bloggers we researched, 20 bloggers averaged 450 words.

1800 Words – The other 10 bloggers averaged 1800 words per post.  This proves that it is possible to build a highly successful blog by writing long, intense and very deep posts.  However, our study shows you’d be two times more likely to succeed writing shorter, more frequent posts.

Scannable – The consensus among top bloggers is that your posts should be scannable and easily read.  Use bulleted or numbered lists in your posts.

Frequency – The 20 bloggers who posted 450-word posts averaged 3 posts per week with some delivering multiple posts per day.

The objective of a short post is for the reader to consume small amounts of easily digested information on a frequent basis.  This increases a bloggers overall exposure by releasing more potential landing points on search engines.  Studies also show that shorter posts are less intimidating and tend to be read more frequently. This post is an example from one of the top 2 bloggers in the world.

Do you prefer writing longer or shorter posts?

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