Blog Templates for Bloggers – Why They Matter

Being a serious blogger is not for the weak at heart.  It takes time, dedication, focus and hard work to build a successful blog.  Thankfully, there are many blog templates for bloggers that are available on the web.  These templates are designed to help both the blogger and the reader.

I read many blogs on a daily basis using Google Reader and Mr. Reader on my iPad.  I’ve seen good posts, bad posts, great posts and downright horrible posts that were so bad I didn’t even bother finishing the article.  The content in all of these were about the same quality.  The difference was the blog template the blogger used to write the article.  The template you choose to use when writing your content can make you or break you.

I would compare my earliest blog posts to a personal daily journal entry.  They’re so bad that they are no longer on the web.  As I worked away on my blog, only to find no one was reading it, I decided to make a change.  I adopted Michael Hyatt’s blog template for bloggers.  Why you may ask?  Because it works beautifully and helps keep me sane.

Feel free to use it yourself.  Here is a link to his post about it and a link to his resources where you can download the template itself.  This is why I use it.

Manageability – To be a successful blogger you’re going to need to post consistently.  This can be difficult for many bloggers and is the top reason a blog fails.  Using this blog template has made it simple for me and made the task manageable.

Time Savings – Keeping my posts to 500 words and chunking each post into three main parts (intro, example, rational) keeps me from going on a wild tangent and rambling on.  Using this template I can write a post in less than 45 minutes.

Forced Focus – With a limited amount of words I am forced to get my point across quickly.  This is why Twitter is so beautiful, you thoughts in 140 characters or less.

Improved Readability – Using this blog template allows my readers to easily scan my article for the information they need.  I find that more people are willing to read a post if they know they won’t have to invest much time or effort to receive the benefit.

Optimized For Readers – This blog template gives the reader exactly what they need and nothing else.  The intro lets you know what the post is about, the example tells you why you need to know this, and the rational gives you the information you need.

Using this blog template has literally saved my blog and kept me sane.  I supercharged my writing with ScribeSEO.  You can check out Scribe Plans and Prices here.  Every blogger should be using a blog template to keep their site structured and organized.  I highly recommend using this blog template for any bloggers who need the help increasing traffic while keeping their sanity.

Do you regularly use a blogging template or are you a free writer?

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