The Tim Ferriss Blog Method

This post will explain exactly how Tim Ferriss, a best selling author and top ranked blogger, became so famous. It’s a lot simpler than you might think.


For a real-world example of just how awful the Tim Ferriss blog was when he started out, I suggest reading his first blog Cubical Escape Artist. Now, onto our post which was written by myself but with Tim’s help, not his physical help but by example. I copied every paragraph from something on the Tim Ferriss blog or something he has written on the web. I just changed a few words. Please add any questions or tips of your own to the comments.

Enter Tim:

I could try to explain the Tim Ferriss blog method to you in my own words but why not let Tim describe it himself. I’ll use only paragraphs from the Tim Ferriss Blog and change the words only slightly.

Here is how the Tim Ferriss Blog became the 2,181th ranked website in the United States, according to Alexa, in only 6 years.

Create a Global Phenomenon – Here is Tim’s keynote from the 2,000+ person Le Web in Paris. Topics include:

  • How to sell “around the product” for more coverage
  • The three necessary types of media exposure
  • Real-world tipping points from the launch of The 4-Hour Workweek
  • How to increase website conversion 80%

This was the first big splash on the Tim Ferriss blog mania. The video is informative so you should watch it but if you go to the site, you’ll probably miss the biggest lesson of all. “How to create a global phenomenon for less than $10,000!” The headline is the border line unreal.

Tim could have said “My Keynote From Le Web” which is exactly the lame kind of thing I probably would have titled it. The Tim Ferriss blog method is to go big or go home. If you saw his headline anywhere, you’d have to click on it. Why? Because everyone can get $10,000 and everyone would like to create a global phenomenon.

Build a High Traffic Blog Without Killing Yourself – This video of the Tim Ferriss blog method was originally titled “Scalable Blogging Behaviours: How to Grow from 1 to 1,000,000 Readers”. I’ve followed every rule but of course I’m a little behind Tim in blog traffic. He should have titled it “How to Maintain a High Traffic Blog if you’re Able to Pitch your Blog on the Today Show and other Huge Media”.

I don’t mean to discredit Tim by any means. The launch of his original book was huge, mostly because of his own efforts but his publisher did land him on some pretty big platforms. Tim leveraged these by creating a home base and this is the take away. Tim mentioned his blog in his book as a resource to the amazing things he talked about in it.

So we all went to it. We all liked his post “From Geek To Freak: How I Gained 34lbs. of Muscle in 4 Weeks”. He wrote a book about it and sold it to us Tim Ferriss blog readers. In the book, Tim gave us links to incredible information on his blog. So we found ourselves getting into shape and staying up until 4am reading through his blog. When our friends asked us how we lost all that weight, we told them about the book.

The next night, they read the book and clicked on an interesting link to his blog. They, like us, then proceeded to stay up until 4am reading the Tim Ferriss blog. This is the Tim Ferriss blog method, always pointing people to your blog through other means. Don’t just wait on Google.

Don’t just publish a book, get it banned! – The 4 Four Chef is Tim’s book on learning. Yes, I own it and yes, it has links to the Tim Ferriss blog and yes, I’ve clicked them. This wasn’t Tim’s best work. In fact, it was the third worst book out of three attempts. The truth is, any publisher will publish a Tim Ferriss book. His name alone will sell a few hundred thousand copies.

Publishers undoubtedly knew this book wasn’t as good as his others and consequently were willing to spend far less promoting it than Tim wanted. In the typical Tim Ferriss fashion, he created a global phenomenon. He published his book with Amazon and it was instantly banned by all the major book stores! The media caught wind of this and news spread like wild fire.

Amazon and Barnes and Noble were in a fist fight over Tim Ferriss. Again, the Tim Ferriss Blog exploded.

Enter Tim – What do a world record holder, best selling author and Dot Com Millionaire have in common? They’re all guest posters on the Tim Ferriss Blog. The answer could also be that they are multiple personalities of Tim Ferriss. Both would be true. The main thing to remember here is that Tim Ferriss brings on board some of the world’s most creative and engaging people to share their stories with us.

One example on the Tim Ferriss blog is How To Build an App Empire: Can You Build The Next Instagram. This is the post that inspired me to begin making mobile apps. To my knowledge, Tim has never made a mobile app but it is obviously something that his readers would be interested in, so he found someone who started from the ground up and shared their story with us in a How To format.

Tim and I are friends – That’s not a disclaimer, it’s not even accurate. But everyone gets the feeling they’re friends with Tim Ferriss, so you can’t fault me. He’s everywhere! He’s on Flickr, Vimeo, Youtube, you can’t miss him. Many of the items you’ll find are informational by nature but much of what you find is personal.

Tim is like an old friend of yours sending you a video about what he’s packing on his next trip or his new method that he found for decanting wine. The same is true about his Flickr feed. Many of the images you see are more personal images. The benefit of personal videos and images is that it builds a brand around you. Tim is a master at this. Now we’ll review the Tim Ferriss Blog Method. It’s really not as hard as it seems.


  • Crazy headline – Grab your reader’s attention.
  • Funnel people to your blog – Provide links everywhere.
  • Create a stir – Use the media to your advantage and create buzz worthy stories.
  • Bring in experts – What you don’t know, find someone who does and share their story.

Let people know the real you – There is nothing more important in blogging than authenticity.

Mastering the Tim Ferriss Blog Method and growing a high traffic blog without killing yourself are attainable goals once you break them down into the few things that really move the needle. Follow these few examples and you’ll be well on your way to becoming the next Tim Ferriss except, with a little more hair.

Please share your favorite Tim Ferriss posts:

What To Do When You’re Feeling Overwhelmed

Over the last few months life has seemed to flip upside down.  I’m essentially homeless, our company is growing, my wife is back in the workforce, and I’m an active part of 6 different companies.  On top of all that, I’m starting a fun new project.  I’m feeling overwhelmed to say the least.

Feeling Overwhelmed

The pressures of the world have forced me into a corner I can not escape without a fight.  Perhaps many of you are also feeling overwhelmed.  You have bills to pay, children to take to soccer practice, long hours at the office, and you’re feeling overwhelmed by it all.

Trust me, you’re not alone.  As Andy Andrews, author of The Noticer likes to say, “We’re all either in a crisis coming out of a crisis or headed into a crisis”.  In order to pull yourself from this mess and survive the storm with your wits intact, you have to be smart.

I’ve developed a routine that I follow every time I sense that I’m going to start feeling overwhelmed.  This routine has bailed me out time and time and again.  I guarantee it will save you as well.

Pray – Whenever I’m feeling overwhelmed, the first thing I do is pray.  I do this for several reasons.  Prayer helps you find true north again and center your thoughts where they should be. Prayer also gives you a chance to verbalize your crisis and think it through.  You’ll come out with a clear mind and a better understanding of your problems.

Seek Wisdom – I often lean toward the bible here but you can find wisdom in many places.  The odds that what you’re going through has never happened before are slim.  You’re not the first person to be feeling overwhelmed.  What does God say about this situation?  The Bible is full of wisdom and guidance. Learn to lean on it.

Go to the well – Retreat into your happy place when you’re feeling overwhelmed.  The default for any achiever is to get moving and start trying harder to fix the mess.  Unfortunately, bad situations are a lot like quick sand.  The more you toil, the quicker you sink.  Remove yourself from the situations and get a clearer picture of what is important and what is not.

Prioritize – I always apply the 4 F’s of life when I’m feeling overwhelmed.  Faith, Family, Fitness and Finance.  These are the four cornerstones of life.  Prioritize them in that exact order.  Organize the tasks you must do by these four areas.

Sleep – You’re mind doesn’t worry so much when you’re asleep.  Moreover, stress can have a huge impact on your body.  When life becomes difficult and you’re feeling overwhelmed, try to find the time to get a good night’s sleep.  You’ll be more refreshed and alert to take on the challenges before you.

Life has a knack for spinning out of control and leaving a wake of disaster.  Don’t let it take control of you.  Learn to navigate the rough waters in your life by following this simple routine when you’re feeling overwhelmed.

What in your life is leaving you feeling overwhelmed right now?

What Is A Blog?

Several years ago, I decided to start a blog.  Then I asked myself, “What is a blog?”.  The answer may surprise you.

What is a blog

On the surface, a blog might just seem like a place for someone to digitally spill their guts.  I’ve read a few blogs like this and they are awful.  That is not what a blog is, nor is a blog a place to put people down or share get rich quick scams.

Those are all just virtual journals.  There is no need to share that with the world.  What is a blog then?  When I’m asked what is a blog, I often respond like this:

Human Connection – A blog is human.  I can read the USA Today if I want the cold hard facts.  I’d prefer to consume my thoughts, ideas and emotions with other humans.  I have several bloggers that I read blogs from every day.  It’s like we’re sharing our knowledge over a cup of coffee but this of course is magnified times ten thousand.

Influence –  Blogs are an outlet for influence.  You share ideas and thoughts.  You share insights and concerns.  A blog is a place where dialect happens between you and your reader.  You influence them and they influence you.

Flesh out ideas – I never really know a topic completely until I’ve blogged about it.  Blogging about a topic helps me to flesh out my feelings and forces me to learn the subject in depth.  My posts on Evernote forced me to learn the software inside and out.  I’ve learned blogging more about Evernote than I ever did using it.

Learn From Others – What is a blog really if it’s not a place to learn from others?  I read numerous blogs every single day through Feedly.  Much of what I learn on daily basis is consumed from these blogs.  I also share all the best blogs with my twitter followers.  Follow me on Twitter at Jason Feltner Twitter.

Community – Blogs provide a sense of community.  As I mentioned before, I know and interact with many bloggers even though we’ve never met in real life.  These people influence me on a daily basis and vice versa.  We share ideas, insights and one another’s wisdom.

Platform – A blog is a great way to build a platform of followers.  A blog can be a launching point for a new career.  A blog can help you sell a book, an idea, a product or service.  A blog gets you out there and in front of your followers.  A blog is your home base where all your brand lives.

‘What is a blog’ is sometimes a difficult question to answer.  For me, a blog can mean one thing.  To someone else, they might find completely different benefits.  What stays constant is that a blog is a place to share ideas with the community and ultimately grow a number of followers.

What is a blog for you? Share links to your blog below.

The Best Google Reader Alternative – Feedly

Millions of procrastinators will be scrambling to find a Google Reader alternative.  Today marks the end of Google Reader.  Luckily, the industry has stepped up to create quality Google Reader alternatives.  My top choice is Feedly.

Feedly Google Reader Alternative

Google Reader, launched in late 2005, has been the industry standard for fans looking to organize their blog and website feeds.  I fell in love with Google Reader many years ago.  It has served as my newspaper of choice and has also been a great way for me to keep tabs on my favorite bloggers.

Unfortunately, usage has declined in recent years and since the service does not align well with Google’s other services, the internet giant has decided to close its doors.  Thankfully, they gave us all plenty of notice.  This heads up allowed many Google Reader Alternatives around the web ample time to improve their services and also create easy methods of migration.

I’ve waited until last week to choose my Google Reader alternative.  I did this for several reasons.


  1. I wanted to give the industry a chance to adapt.
  2. I allowed others to migrate first, then read their reviews.
  3. I like Google Reader and didn’t want to change until I had to.


Fortunately, Feedly has made itself the simple Google Reader alternative.  I’ve chosen Feedly as my Google Reader alternative for several reasons.


  1. Simple Migration – Feedly has made a one button migration process.  As you can see in the image above, there is one button to push and Feedly will automatically import all your Google Reader feeds.  This is a big time save over some of the other Google Reader alternatives.
  2. Style – Feedly has replicated the same style and feel to your feed that Google had.  Users of Google Reader will feel right at home with Feedly.  In fact, I think they have actually been able to improve the look and intuitive interaction of Google Reader.
  3. Ifttt Integration – Feedly plays well with, a service I use frequently.  Here are some recipes:  Using ifttt along with Feedly, as your Google Reader alternative, you can do all the same time saving automation I used to do with Google Reader.  Examples include, saving articles directly to Evernote, Tweeting interesting content, and most important for me, sending links to with one click.  Try it Here.  Another recipe I use quite often is the save for later to email.  This recipe changes Feedly’s “save for later” button into a quick way to email top content to yourself.
  4. Automation – Feedly makes it easy to share your favorite content across your platform. The Google+, Twitter, Linkedin, Facebook, and Buffer buttons are located conveniently on the top of each article you read.


Anyone trying to build a platform will enjoy all the robust features of Feedly.  I primarily used Google Reader as a way for me to go foraging for my tribe.  I would set out every morning to find quality content that my followers will find valuable and share it with them throughout the day.  Feedly makes this even easier than it was with Google Reader.  This is why I’ve chosen Feedly as my Google Reader alternative.


Did you make the switch from Google Reader in time?

My Current 5k Playlist

The beats, rhythms, and tempos of my current 5k playlist power me through my runs. Playing the right songs while you run can increase your stamina, efficiency, speed, and enjoyment of running. Your 5K playlist will also decrease your time, fatigue, and mental strain.

My Current 5K Playlist

The advancements in portable music players have given runners a leg-up on runners of the past. Correctly utilizing a 5k playlist is proven to make you a better 5k runner. The old saying “garbage in equals garbage out” couldn’t be more truthful when it comes to your 5k playlist.

Just as your body needs the proper nutrition and hydration on race day, your ears and mind need the proper rhythm and distraction. I’ve written a post on what types of music should be on your 5k playlist. The post explains how many beats per minute (BPM) your music should have in order to achieve the times you want.

Now I’ll share what is actually on my current 5k playlist at this very moment. I’ve carefully crafted my current 5k playlist to help me achieve a sub 24 minute 5k race. Here is what I’m listening to.

Rosalita (Come Out Tonight) – The Essential Bruce Springsteen  – I have a nasty habit of starting a 5k race at too fast of a pace. To slow me down, I use this song, which is 145 bpm. Once I’m in a groove, I switch to faster songs.

Jack & Diane – Words & Music – John Mellencamp’s Greatest Hits  – at 98 beats per minute, this song will speed you up ever so slightly, helping you unconsciously crush your personal best. I look to add songs to my playlist that are just over 90 or 180 beats per minute to help push me for a better time. Buy this song here:

Damn It Feels Good to Be a Gangsta – The Best of the Geto Boys – This song is on the soundtrack to the film Office Space. Every time I hear it, I crack up thinking of Michael Bolten (the programmer, not the singer). Humorous songs add a lighter note to your run and keep you positive.

Hey Ya! (Radio Mix/Club Mix) – Speakerboxxx / The Love Below -This song is fast and really gets my legs in tune with the beat. Andre 3000’s hyper style plays really well into a 5k runner’s need for energy and excitement.

Lose Yourself – 8 Mile (Music from and Inspired By the Motion Picture) – Eminem – I’m suddenly realizing that rap is not something I ever listen to… unless I’m running. This song has the right beat to help you break records in your 5k race. An added bonus is the angry style and the call to action of the song. This song is guaranteed to give you a boost of dedication.

Jesus Walks – The College Dropout – Kanye West – Jesus and 88 bpm are a deadly combination for anyone looking to set a 5k race record. “The only thing that I pray is that my feet don’t fail me now” is the chorus. How perfect for a 5k runner who’s legs are numb and tired. This song, while short, helps me keep the pace and power through the wall.

My 5k playlist is loaded with songs that have either 90 or 180 beats per minute. If the song has 90, I make sure my right foot hits the pavement on the beat. If the song has 180 beats per minute, I make sure each foot hits the pavement on a beat.

Using a 5k playlist designed like mine will help your body find a fast rhythm that will lead you to a 5k race personal best record. Download these songs and you’ll be well on your way to a record.

Want to buy the whole playlist?  You can do it here on the iTunes Store: 

Don’t Lie To Yourself – It’s Passion You Need

We have buttons for everything these days.  While washing machines are good because they save us time, we often fill that time with unproductive tasks.  Outsourcing everything is a good thing only if you spend the extra time doing something you love and something productive.


We tell ourselves “I need a break, I need to rest” but the truth is that we need passion.  Stop lying to yourself.  You don’t need a break, you need passion.

Passion is what keeps you up all night without feeling tired.  Passion is what makes you believe you’re a morning person.  Passion is the difference between meaning and doldrums.

Passion is what makes time fly by.  Passion turns tasks into opportunities.  Passion will save your life.

You don’t need to rest, you need passion.

My Take on The Aerobie AeroPress – Coffee’s Perfect Brew

As a person who stays up until 1 AM every morning, coffee is a big part of my life. As a lover of coffee in search for the perfect cup, I’ve turned to the Aerobie AeroPress. Forgive me if this review rambles on, I’ve enjoyed my Aerobie AeroPress a little too much tonight.

Aerobie AeroPress Coffee

Tim Ferriss reccomends the Aerobie AeroPress as his go to tool for the perfect cup of coffee. He’s done it again and found something great. I decided, if it helped Tim work, I would give it a try.

The Aerobie AeroPress is a prime item on Amazon, and less than $30. I figured at that price it would pay for itself by replacing just 5 cups of Starbucks. I drank so much coffee that it paid for itself the first night.

For a smooth, flavorful, quick cup of coffee or espresso at home, the Aerobie AeroPress can’t be beat. The benefits abound.

  1. Price – for less than $30 you can have the best cup of coffee in your life. Why wouldn’t you purchase one? If you’re a prime member on Amazon like I am, you can have the Aerobie AeroPress Coffee and Espresso Maker in two days with free shipping.
  2. Single Cup – Don’t waste money on a Keurig. The single cup coffee makers on the market are very popular, expensive, and bulky. Aerobie AeroPress can fit into a cabinet drawer and can make anywhere between 1 & 4 cups of coffee, not to mention espressos.
  3. Quality – I’ve used a drip coffee maker, french press, espresso machine, and the Keurig B60 Special Edition Brewing System, none have been able to eliminate the layer of oil in my coffee. Aerobie AeroPress does just that. Since it only takes a total of 20 seconds to brew a cup, there is no time for the oils to come out.
  4. Quick Brew Time – I just made a cup of coffee in 20 seconds. This is comparable to a Keurig but higher quality and lower price.
  5. Clean-up – The Aerobi AeroPress takes literally seconds to clean up. The air pressure leaves the coffee grounds and filter dry. Simply twist off the strainer and dump the grounds. A quick rinse and back into the drawer it goes.
  6. Versatility – Brewing an espresso or a cup of drip coffee typically requires different machines and different grinds. The Aerobie AeroPress is versatile enough to use one machine and one brew to make either or. Simply changing the concentration of coffee grounds to water means the difference between a world class cup of drip coffee and an espresso Italians around the world would be proud of.

If you enjoy coffee and would like to have the best cup you’ve ever had, you should visit Amazon and purchase the Aerobie AeroPress Coffee and Espresso Maker. This system was designed by a Stanford engineer and uses air pressure to quickly create a perfect cup of coffee. I’m super excited to share this little gadget with my readers, or maybe I’m just on a caffine high right now.

What are you using to make your perfect brew?

Platform University – Why I Joined

A few weeks ago I signed up for Michael Hyatt’s Platform University.  If you’re a blogger, artist or just an executive itching to become better, you should join me.  Michael Hyatt will teach you how to build an audience exactly the way he did.


Benchmarking for success is a key method to becoming better.  Michael has accomplished much in both the business world and the online realm.  He has created a following that has allowed him to quit his day job and landed him on the NYT Best Seller’s List.

Platform University provides students a behind the scenes look at how he has created the top ranked leadership blog on the web.  He is also giving his audience the tools they need to replicate his success.  I have joined for several reasons.

Corporate Success – Michael Hyatt was the CEO of Thomas Nelson Publishers.  Through Platform University, you’ll see how he prefers to work.  Much of the things you’ll learn are things he did earlier in his career to rise to the top.

Hacking The Code – You could spend a decade building your platform like Michael has or you could attend Platform University and let Michael tell you exactly what works and what doesn’t.  Work smarter, not harder; that’s what I’ve chosen to do.

Monetize Your Site – Michael makes a living from his blog that allowed him to leave his CEO position for a more flexible job he can run on his own schedule. In Platform University, you’ll learn how he has done this and how you too can monetize your site without selling your soul.

Peer to Peer – Join like-minded individuals who share common goals on the University Platform Forum.  The forum serves as a way to share ideas and improve on benchmarks.  It also provides an excellent networking opportunity with other creatives.

Resources – The Platform University is young and I have already seen Michael’s work-space  learned how he launched his widely successful Platform book, and the intricacies of how he works with his team to create the content we all devour.  My Evernote looks like me on Thanksgiving, stuffed!  I have stuffed it with countless PDFs and videos Michael has so generously given on the Platform University site.

Priceless Input – Michael and his team will choose sites from the members of Platform University to critique and offer how the member can improve their site to maximize their exposure and create a loyal following.  This type of in- depth service would cost most bloggers more than they could afford.  For a small monthly membership, you now have a chance to have your site critiqued by one of the most influential bloggers on the web.

What are you waiting for?  You can join Platform University here.  This is step one to increasing your site’s traffic, ranking, and finally being able to quit your day job.  Even if you don’t intend to ever leave you day job, like me, you can still benefit immensely.  You’ll learn what made Michael a world-renowned blogger, which is what also made him a world renowned CEO.

What are your hesitations about joining Platform University?


Sleeping Less and Accomplishing More – Biphasic Sleep

As the calendar turned to 2013, I found myself at a loss for time. After months of consistent blogging, my world had been flipped on its head in one afternoon. A self-proclaimed productivity junky, I lay my head on my pillow a failure.

Sleep Less and Be More Productive

As the blog post ideas rose in numbers, so did my regrets for not posting. Time and time again I searched for time to write. Writing was my passion but not my priority.

My faith and family come first, then my business. With great change happening around me, there was no time for anything other than my faith, family, and business. Each night I’d fall asleep dreaming of a creative release and writing again.

After weeks of regret, I stumbled upon the realization that there was only one area of my life I wasn’t super productive at – sleeping. I’ve always been the kind of person who needed 9 hours of sleep minimum. I never realized until now that I was wrong. I was able to sleep less, do more, and feel more alive by adopting a biphasic sleep schedule.

Sleep Cycle – This is an app for the iphone that tracks your sleep based on your movement at night. The less you move, the more deeply you’re sleeping. After months of using the app out of curiosity I noticed a pattern.

The Numbers – Sleep Cycle shows that in six to eight hours I average four deep sleep periods; in nine hours, I average five. Obviously, five cycles was the secret to feeling rested for me. Unfortunately, nine hours of sleep isn’t very productive.

Biphasic Sleep – The Siesta method incorporates one nap of 20 minutes and one core sleep consisting of six hours. I average four deep sleep cycles during six hours plus one deep sleep cycle for a total of five deep sleep cycles per day.

The Toddler – I had to look no further to find what a perfect Siesta schedule looked like than to my own son. He takes one nap during the day, plus one core sleep. Contradictory to my assumptions, the perfect time for your siesta is not halfway between wake and sleep time but later in the day, between three and five hours before you begin your core sleep.

The Break In – I haven’t been a biphasic sleeper since I was five. After 23 years, my body forgot what it was supposed to do. The first time I tried biphasic sleep I felt fantastic. The next night was less fantastic. This trend continued until my mind was a fog and my eyes felt full of sand. But then the break in was over, within two weeks my body adapted and settled in to its new cycle.

Productivity – Without a reason to create a new sleep pattern, those who attempt biphasic sleep are often failures. Finding something to fill the void is key. Luckily for me, I have a blog to maintain and followers to share my new found time with.

I was convinced my body was rejecting the world around me. For years I existed on a 26-hour day when the world ran on only 24 hours. My body never felt at home and sleep was less than adequate. Biphasic sleep has been the key to a more productive, rested, and energized life.

What could you do with an extra hour and a half a day thanks to biphasic sleeping?

Capturing The Beauty of Everyday Life

On December 13, 2012 Mike Leonard bid an emotional farewell to the Today Show.  I’ll never forget it.  I was walking out of the restroom with my boots in my hand, about to leave for the office, when stopped dead in my tracks as Mike’s farewell video began to play.

Mike Leonard

Mike Leonard has made a brilliant career out of turning the hidden beauty of every day life into a master piece that pulls at your heartstrings.  What strikes me the most about Mike’s videos is these emotional and stunning stories are happening around each of us every day.  We just rarely take the time to find the beauty in it as it is happening.

I write on this blog about Leadership and about Productivity.  I offer insight into actions you can take to become more efficient and to fine tune your life so that you may have balance to achieve success in your career but also find the time and opportunity to live a life worth remembering.

What I now realize I’ve never shared is how to remember the times that make your life a magical story.  Why?  Because reflection is not in my strength zone.  For that, I have my wife.  She has taught me the importance of reflection and how to capture the beauty of life in such a way that would make Mike Leonard proud.

Carry a Camera – Thanks to iPhones and other new smartphones capturing the beauty of everyday life is easier than ever.  But if you’re like me you’ll often leave those images on your phone forever, never saving or sharing them.

Shutterfly – Set up an account online then install the app on your phone.  My wife made a folder on my phone for my camera, photos, and shutterfly app.  This makes it easy for me to remember to upload my photos after I take them.

Create A Year Book – Shutterfly offers custom photo albums.  You can simply drag and drop your favorite photos from your account into the books.  My wife made the most amazing book to chronolog our son’s first year.  She makes one of the family every year as well.  Photos of our vacation, funny moments, and just life in general are in these albums.

External Storage – Storage is getting really cheap.  Whether you use iCloud, Picasa, or just a hard storage unit, make sure you’re saving all your images and videos.  You’ll never remember the moments you lose.  I’m always amazed when my wife opens up a folder from years ago and we go through the photos.  It’s like reliving moments that have completely slipped my mind.

 iPhoto – Quickly create stunning slideshows featuring both images and videos.  You can easily drag and drop all the media you want to add to the slideshow and iPhoto will do the rest.  You can add music and narrative to make your slideshow more Mike Leonard and put the beauty of everyday life on display.  My wife’s Aunt and Uncle made us a slideshow like this of our wedding.  We watch it on our anniversary every year.  We stream it from our computer to our AppleTV.

iMovie – A little more involved than iPhoto but more robust, edit the videos you’ve saved over the year into one Mike Leonard style film.  Add narrative, music, and a clever mix of the audio from the videos to create a life long memory.

We’ve all experience those moments in life where you just take a deep breath, close your eyes, and do your best to make sure this moment never leaves you.  That’s the beauty of everyday life but unfortunately, as time passes the moment does just that, it slips away.  Using these tools, you can create amazing memories to relive time and time again.

With the Holidays just around the corner what memories are you looking forward to capturing?