The Definitive Two Step Process to Stay On Top of Everything

Being successful in the workplace often means having the ability to stay on top of everything.  Most workers are completely overwhelmed by their workload.  The answer to their problems lies in their ability to quickly and efficiently process the onslaught of responsibilities coming at them.

Stay on top of everything

The other night over dinner, as she usually does, my wife asked how my day had gone.  “Surprisingly well” I answered.  I then went into ,probably too much, detail about why my day had gone so well.  “I’ve found a simple two step process to help me stay on top of everything” I told her.

As an executive and leader of my company, I can sometimes feel the weight of the world on my shoulders.  …

How Massage Can Improve Your Productivity


This guest post is provided by the creative team at Pingup. Pingup is an online booking application that allows users to make appointments and book reservations at all types of businesses across the country, from San Francisco spas to Boston salons.


Everyone knows that getting a massage feels good, and on top of that can relieve the aches and pains brought on by the stresses of daily life. In this regard, many consider the act of getting a massage to be a way of pampering themselves or as an indulgence, a fun activity when they’re on vacation in a tropical climate. Although this is true, as massages can definitely fulfill some of our hedonistic desires, they are also …

Use This Morning Recipe For A Better Start To Your Day

A morning recipe is like an opening drive in a football game.  In Football, the opening drive is the most important drive of the game.  How you come out of the gate often dictates if you will win or lose.  The same is true about your morning ritual.  How you start your day, often dictates how successful you will be.  To ensure a successful day, every day, I’ve created this morning recipe.


I call it a recipe because that’s really what it is.  There are key ingredients that must be combined in just the right portions to create the exact same results time and time again.

I credit this morning recipe as the cause of much of my success.  I’ve …

How To Find Time To Follow Your Passion

When I began blogging in 2011 I never dreamed it would be so fulfilling.  For me, writing has become my creative release.  My friends read my blog and wonder “where do find the time to follow your passion?”

follow your passion

I’ll be perfectly honest.  Finding the time to follow your passion is not easy.  For years I’ve struggled to find the time to write.

My world has recently been turned upside down.  Despite it all, I still maintain my blog and write frequently.  The truth is, you don’t have to struggle to find time to follow your passion.  You can begin today by following a few simple rules.

Prioritize – In everything you do consider whether or not what you’re doing …

What To Do When You’re Feeling Overwhelmed

Over the last few months life has seemed to flip upside down.  I’m essentially homeless, our company is growing, my wife is back in the workforce, and I’m an active part of 6 different companies.  On top of all that, I’m starting a fun new project.  I’m feeling overwhelmed to say the least.

Feeling Overwhelmed

The pressures of the world have forced me into a corner I can not escape without a fight.  Perhaps many of you are also feeling overwhelmed.  You have bills to pay, children to take to soccer practice, long hours at the office, and you’re feeling overwhelmed by it all.

Trust me, you’re not alone.  As Andy Andrews, author of The Noticer likes to say, “We’re …

Why I’m Scrapping My Excel To Do List for Nozbe

Years ago in college I finally caved in and realized a to do list might not be as evil as my middle school English teacher made it sound. So I began to use an excel to do list to track what needed to be done each day. A few years ago I switched to Nozbe and I haven’t looked back.


David Allen wrote a book that I’ve used for years as my go to guide on getting things done. The book is aptly named Getting Things Done: The Art of Stress-Free Productivity.  At first, I tried to use my excel to do list to track everything I needed to do. I soon found excel too bulky and rigid.

That …

How To Shave 10 Hours Off Your Week And Find More Family Time

Almost everyone I know would like to have more time with his or her families. This is why we all enjoy vacations and why books like The 4 Hour Work Week by Timothy Ferris are so popular. Most folks however, can’t up and retire, nor can they get by with only four hours of work a week.

Practical Ways to Shave 10 Hours

But, what if you could shave 10 hours off of your week every single week? What if you could spend 520 more hours with your family? That’s equivalent to 13 weeks of vacation! This isn’t such a far-fetched idea. In fact, it is very simple to do. Here are several places where you can create more family time in your day:

  1. Stop mowing

Outsourcing Labor To Become Super-Dad

Outsourcing labor has come to be a taboo phrase. The fact is, outsourcing labor is quite the opposite. In a world that is often too fast-paced where leaders feel overworked, outsourcing labor can be your key to becoming a super-dad, just in time for Father’s Day.

“Ever told your child, we’ll do it tomorrow, and in your haste, not see his sorrow?
Ever lost touch, let a friendship die, ’cause you never had time to call and say hi?
You better slow down, don’t dance so fast, time is short, the music won’t last.”
This is my favorite quotation from David L. Weatherford’s poem “Slow Dance.”

Everyone can relate to Weatherford’s poem. Too often we are so preoccupied …

Using Philips GoLITE To Become A Morning Person

Enter Grok, the primitive cave man living waking up at sunrise somewhere with the dinosaurs.  The early light of the morning passes between the edges of the cave entrance and the rock covering he uses as a door.  This is his version of the Philips GoLITE.  Grok quickly rises, stretches, then sets out for his morning hunt.

Philips GoLITE

George Lois, the original Mad Man, though he was way more impressive in real life, claims to have only slept 3 hours a night!  As a business leader, I have always been envious.  For me, my mornings have always consisted of exactly three things, oversleeping, grogginess, and wasteful procrastination.  I wanted to find the secret to waking up at sunrise.

I used to …

Becoming James Bond – Insane Focus

It is almost certainly always a matter of life and death. Resurection is his specialty, but this time I’m not sure he’ll survive. He does survive, of course, as James Bond always does.

James Bond Focus

I admire his level of focus and drive. James Bond is playing in the background as I write most nights. The purpose is two-fold. The movies provide a short mind break that is full of cinematic creativity. The second purpose is inspiration. How can you watch James Bond being James Bond without secretly feeling like your own little 007?

In true benchmarking style, I of course find things in James Bond that interest me. How does he achieve such a high level of awesome? How can …

Mastering Biphasic Sleep – My Current Schedule and Tips

This is my how-to guide for mastering biphasic sleep and achieving more with less sleep.  I recently wrote about my biphasic sleep schedule and why I adopted it.  This is the in-depth guide to how I hacked sleep and woke up on the other side feeling more refreshed and energized.

Mastering Biphasic Sleep

Often imitated, rarely duplicated, people who have mastered a biphasic sleep schedule are sleeping less and being more productive.  However, the journey isn’t easy.  I failed twice before.  This is what I’ve learned.

Offset Your Nap – Do not nap halfway through your day.  The first time I failed I tried sleeping after lunch.  This only works if you prefer to wake up super early and go to bed early.  …

How To Achieve Creativity On Demand

A few weeks ago I made a significant change in my life.  I’ve always been a proponent of morning writing because that is when my creativity is at its highest.  Unfortunately, I found my mornings too busy to write and had no choice but to cultivate the creative process later in the day.

Cultivating Creativity

The more writers and artists I meet, the more frequently I find out that the creativity well often runs dry even for the greatest talents.  The difference between failures and achievers is often the ability to synthetically cultivate creativity on demand.   You can’t wait for inspiration to find you.  You must often create you own inspiration.

As my days grew crazier and I began my biphasic sleep

Organize Your Outlook Email Using Folders

The first time I learned that Outlook had folders that I could use to organize my email, my mind melted.  I’m a neat freak so folders excite me.  When my wife first met me she thought I might be gay because I was thin, neat, and single.  I can’t help it, I was born that way… neat I mean.

organize your email using folder

Finding a way to organize your email can be a learning process.  Email is the single largest disrupter and time waster in the modern day paperless office.  Unless you can effectively manage your inbox, your inbox will manage you.


Rewind 2 years and the scene is all too familiar.  1,409 items in my inbox, most of them I don’t need …

How To Use Dropbox For Leaders

A few months ago I began looking for an easy way to share my resources with others across multiple devices.  I learned how to use Dropbox and I haven’t looked back.  Dropbox allows me to lead my team virtually while keeping our ideas, files, media, and work centrally located.


I thought I’d share my workflow and best practices with you since I’ve become such a big fan of Dropbox. I used to think Dropbox was just for the trendy or for creatives. I’ve used the service many times when sharing files with my web team, video producers, ad agency, ect. Never before have I used Dropbox as a leadership tool until now.

Dropbox is simple to install on multiple devices …

Amaze Yourself Today – The Process of Growth

I recently did something amazing, I walked.  It sounds much easier than it really is.  So many other people around the world are walking so well that it seems to be no big deal.  But when you consider just how hard the process of growth is, you will understand how amazing walking really is.


process of growth


Of course, it isn’t difficult for me to walk now, but it once was.  I struggled for months trying over and over, only to fail.  With each failure came a lesson.  Walking is easy now, I’ve been doing it for 27 years.  I was reminded nearly a year ago, however, just how hard the process of growth really is.

I had the privilege of …