Change The Way You Think About Work

Working 9 to 5 makes you hold on to busy work so you have something to do and prevents you from being truly free to focus on your passions.  To achieve your corporate goals, you must change the way you think about work.  You feel like you’re cheating your employer if you’re not 100% fully engaged in an active activity.  This is termed Work For Work’s Sake.

Change the Way You Think About Work

The truth is that you were hired to accomplish certain goals.  Use your team and your own productivity to achieve those goals faster.  In order to do this, you must change the way you think about work.


Some companies and even leaders struggle with this idea.  The status quo is to have a to-do list that never ends.  So as long as you’re “actively” working on some to-do item, you feel like you’re providing the company with quality work.  The truth is, this way of thinking cheats everyone of grown and achievement.


Think of a board member.  They get paid to be on that board but they don’t do any of the day to day work.  This is how executives should operate.  They serve two purposes:


1.  To create and cast vision

2.  To serve others by directing the work and keeping the company on track toward that vision


It is not an executives job to do the daily tasks.  When you start doing the daily tasks, you tie up the physics bandwidth needed to create vision.  You also lose yourself in the work and lose site of where the company is headed.  This is why you must change the way you think about work.


I’ve experienced this and our company has grown but we have achieved very few of the goals I set out to achieve this year.  This is because I have no time to pursue those goals or move the company towards my vision.  Instead, all my time and mental energy is spent doing things others could and should be trained to do.


When I first began attending a small group at my church, it was run by one of our pastors.  He scheduled the meetings, prepared the lessons and took attendance.  A few weeks later, he approached me about running the group because he was leaving it. “What will you do if you’re not leading the group?” I asked.


“I’ll lead a different group.” he replied.  This should be how we approach our work as executives.  Lead the charge and focus on setting up a successful group.  Once it is running, hand it off and move on to the next goal.


These are 5 things you can do right now to correct your behavior and create the company you’ve always wanted.


GTD –  Start processing and delegating.  Use David Allen’s Getting Things Done book.  Identify tasks that need to happen, do the ones you can do in 2 minutes, delegate anything someone else can do 80% as well as you can and schedule the items only you can do.


Create your ideal work week.  The key is to design your ideal week with your goals in mind.  In this way,you’ll set aside time to accomplish them.  By sticking to this schedule, you’ll force yourself to have to shed the busy work you do for work’s sake and focus on goal setting, vision casting and company monitoring.


Give time for creative release.  This is when I write, it’s work related because what I write is my ideas about how I can make Allied better. These ideas are fully developed only when I think it through and blog on it.  Without allowing myself this time, I won’t fully understand my thoughts and goals.


Get your delegation organized.  I like to use Nozbe. I can assign tasks to my employees and track their progress.  As I process “IN,” I delegate anything I can.  I am then able to see things completed in real time.


Schedule meetings with yourself.  I can’t stress the importance of this enough.  Setting aside an hour or two to revisit your business plan, the goals you want to achieve and your current progress will be the single most important thing most leaders do. Unfortunately, most leaders can’t peal away from their inbox of their staff long enough to do this.  Block off a few hours on your schedule, close your door and get to work.  Everyone will benefit in the end.


If your business is anything like mine, you’ve probably failed to live up to your own expectations this year.  I almost always do.  Implementing these 5 simple things will help you to change the way you think about work and grow your business to what it should be.


Do you struggle with delegating so you can focus on higher level problems?




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