How To Better Communicate As A Leader

To say that communication, as a leader is a critical trait, would be an understatement.  Leadership cannot exist without communication.  The two go hand-in-hand.

How To Better Communicate as a Leader

Coincidentally, the best communicators in the world tend to be the best leaders.  When you can communicate as a leader you are able to do the following:

Cast Vision

Teach Skills

Convey Ideas


Being able to communicate as a leader is not always a natural trait found in many of the world’s great would-be leaders.  Communication is a learned trait.  It is a skill that can be mastered if you understand a few keys to help you communicate as a leader.

Clear Thought – Just as you’d create an outline for a speech, you should also create a mental outline of what you’re going to say.  This helps you to create a clear thought that can then be articulated.  Consider these three questions:

What do I want my listener to learn?

How do I want them to feel when I finish?

What are the potential outcomes of what I’m going to say?

Dialect – Just as what you say is important, how it is understood is equally important.  While both Americans and British speak English, the difference in dialect can make it hard for one to understand the other.  I’ve written a post about the four major dialects.  First, know whom you’re speaking to, then you’ll know how to communicate as a leader.

Style – Your preferred style of communication will have great impact on your level of communication as a leader.  There are times to be conversational, approachable, and personable.  There are also times to be candid and frank.

Tone – How your message is delivered is often conveyed in your tone.  Mixing tone and style are tools you can use to increase the effectiveness of how you communicate as a leader.  A stern style mixed with a gentle tone can get a point across while keeping others at ease.

Body Language – People understand how you feel less by what you say and more by what you’re saying with your body language.  Pay attention to make sure that your body language is in sync with your message.  It is hard to come off as approachable when you’re standing in front of someone with your arms crossed.  Your body language plays an important role in how well you communicate as a leader.

Learning these keys can help you to communicate as a leader more effectively.  Having people understand your stance and understand your meaning will make you a more effective and efficient leader.  Remember, no one knows what you’re thinking unless you can convey it to him or her in a way they understand.

Can you think of a time when communication fell apart and made you less effective as a leader?


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