Corporate Coach

When it comes to leading a team to a victory no one role is more important than that of the coach.  Coaches are typically the first one fired when a team does poorly and the first one to take a Gatorade bath when the team is victorious.  There is a strong lack of Gatorade baths in corporate America.

Corporate Coach

Coaches are not just reserved for the playing field.  In fact, every team needs a coach, not just a leader.  Typically you expect to see a linebacker or the short stop become the vocal leader of the team.  While this happens in the corporate settings as well, the all-star becomes a natural leader, there’s typically still a coach that the team leans on for direction and courage.

The on-field leader is generally an arm of the coach.  The coach is responsible for setting the team’s vision, taking corrective actions, and often making the controversial call no one else wants to make.

I’m not sure if it is my background in sports or just the nature of being a guy but I feel everything, in one way or another, relates to sports.  A corporate team is no different.  A corporate coach plays the same role as the coach of a sports team.

It is the responsibility of the corporate coach to create unity, focus, drive and an overall vision.  I feel you can successfully earn a Gatorade bath in the office by following these five ideas.

Create a Schedule – The end goal for a sports team is always very clear – win the championship.  It is often hard to create a championship or a definitive goal in business.  Instead, opt for a season.  Boone Pickens’ team treats each month of the year as a game.  Their goal is to go undefeated.

Define Outcomes – Present your yearly goals at the beginning of the year.  Then each month present the “game plan” for how you’ll win that month.  This way everyone knows what constitutes a win and a loss.

Speak to the Team – Arranging to speak to the entire department can be logistically challenging.  However, this step is crucial for unity of vision.  Bringing the entire team together for a pre-game pep talk before each month can create unity while defining the expected outcomes.

Include Everyone – While every department may play a separate role in the team’s victory, it is important that the entire team know the responsibilities of each department.  Think of your departments as defense and offence.  Both play a very different but distinct role in the game.  This creates dependence and loyalty.  No one wants to let the other department down.

There Is No “I” – We are a team; I am a player.  Talk less about yourself or individuals of the company.  Instead, opt for a “we” dominated dialect.

The corporate leader and the sports coach are rarely seen as similar.  I ask, why not?  Why can we not bring the spirited style of a coach into the walls of corporat

How can you better resemble a coach in your organization?

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