My Current 5k Playlist

The beats, rhythms, and tempos of my current 5k playlist power me through my runs. Playing the right songs while you run can increase your stamina, efficiency, speed, and enjoyment of running. Your 5K playlist will also decrease your time, fatigue, and mental strain.

My Current 5K Playlist

The advancements in portable music players have given runners a leg-up on runners of the past. Correctly utilizing a 5k playlist is proven to make you a better 5k runner. The old saying “garbage in equals garbage out” couldn’t be more truthful when it comes to your 5k playlist.

Just as your body needs the proper nutrition and hydration on race day, your ears and mind need the proper rhythm and distraction. I’ve written a post on what types of music should be on your 5k playlist. The post explains how many beats per minute (BPM) your music should have in order to achieve the times you want.

Now I’ll share what is actually on my current 5k playlist at this very moment. I’ve carefully crafted my current 5k playlist to help me achieve a sub 24 minute 5k race. Here is what I’m listening to.

Rosalita (Come Out Tonight) – The Essential Bruce Springsteen  – I have a nasty habit of starting a 5k race at too fast of a pace. To slow me down, I use this song, which is 145 bpm. Once I’m in a groove, I switch to faster songs.

Jack & Diane – Words & Music – John Mellencamp’s Greatest Hits  – at 98 beats per minute, this song will speed you up ever so slightly, helping you unconsciously crush your personal best. I look to add songs to my playlist that are just over 90 or 180 beats per minute to help push me for a better time. Buy this song here:

Damn It Feels Good to Be a Gangsta – The Best of the Geto Boys – This song is on the soundtrack to the film Office Space. Every time I hear it, I crack up thinking of Michael Bolten (the programmer, not the singer). Humorous songs add a lighter note to your run and keep you positive.

Hey Ya! (Radio Mix/Club Mix) – Speakerboxxx / The Love Below -This song is fast and really gets my legs in tune with the beat. Andre 3000’s hyper style plays really well into a 5k runner’s need for energy and excitement.

Lose Yourself – 8 Mile (Music from and Inspired By the Motion Picture) – Eminem – I’m suddenly realizing that rap is not something I ever listen to… unless I’m running. This song has the right beat to help you break records in your 5k race. An added bonus is the angry style and the call to action of the song. This song is guaranteed to give you a boost of dedication.

Jesus Walks – The College Dropout – Kanye West – Jesus and 88 bpm are a deadly combination for anyone looking to set a 5k race record. “The only thing that I pray is that my feet don’t fail me now” is the chorus. How perfect for a 5k runner who’s legs are numb and tired. This song, while short, helps me keep the pace and power through the wall.

My 5k playlist is loaded with songs that have either 90 or 180 beats per minute. If the song has 90, I make sure my right foot hits the pavement on the beat. If the song has 180 beats per minute, I make sure each foot hits the pavement on a beat.

Using a 5k playlist designed like mine will help your body find a fast rhythm that will lead you to a 5k race personal best record. Download these songs and you’ll be well on your way to a record.

Want to buy the whole playlist?  You can do it here on the iTunes Store: 

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