How To Define Your Audience

Being able to define your audience as a writer is a critical step that can not be denied.  If you do not correctly define your audience, you risk never growing in your platform.  So how do you define your audience when you’re just starting out?

Define your audience

Michael Hyatt recently had a post about building your personal brand.  Step 1 was to define your audience.  He attributes much of his success to being able to write laser focused posts that resonate with his audience.  That’s all good and well for the mega-blogger who has hundreds and thousands of readers to poll but what if don’t have a large audience yet?

If your blog is not exploding and you’re just starting out, don’t worry.  This is the perfect time to define your audience and begin growing your platform.  You don’t have to have hundreds and thousands of readers to define your audience if you follow what I’ve done.

Backtrack – What influence you?  Who do you listen to, read and follow on social media?  You will become a culmination of the 5 people you associate with the most.  The same is true about your writing.  You will become a culmination of those who you allow to influence you.

Law of attraction – We’re all attracted to people like us.  Because of this, you’ll find that it is easy to define your audience as someone very similar to you.  Look at the commenters on podcasts, blogs and social media accounts you listed on the backtracking step.  These people are very likely to be interested in your content as well.

Commonality – Look for commonality among commenters on the blogs you read.  I’ve found several people who have posted on Michael Hyatt, Tim Ferriss and Pat Flynn’s blogs.  “Can they really be into the exact same things I’m into?” I wondered.  Absolutely!  In fact, those same people are commenting on my blog.  This is simply because we like the same things.

Define yourself – What are your core values and priorities?  These will likely spill through in your writing.  If your life is Christ‘ centered, you’ll find this tone in your writings.  As such, others who are Christ centered will be drawn to your work.

Examine your popularity – Analytics can also help you define your audience.  Look at your top performing posts over the last few months.  Is there a common thread?  For instance, my readers tend to like running, biphasic sleeping and productivity.  As such, I can define my audience as being people who exercise, lead full lives and struggle to find time to sleep and also are high achievers.

You don’t need to spend big bucks for a firm to define your audience for you.  Nor do you need to have hundreds and thousands of readers who are willing to take a survey.  You simply need to examine yourself, your writing and your popularity to define your audience.

What are a few characteristics that you thing define your audience?

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