Do Unto Others – The Golden Rule

It is the Golden Rule.  I’m sure everyone has heard it at least a few times in his or her life.  “Do unto others, as you would have them do unto you.”  This simple little rule is one of the most powerful and influential rules a person can live by.

My wife volunteers at a local school every Tuesday.  As such, it is the one day of the week where I do not eat lunch with my family.  I typically catch up on a missed workout, eat with a group of friends, or just take a nap and enjoy the peace and quiet during this time.  One day, however, was the best lunch I’d had in a while.  I decided to do unto others and I went grocery shopping.

It had been a long week for my wife and I knew the rest of the week looked even busier for her.  So, I decided to do unto others and headed to the grocery store.  Sure I forgot a few things and purchased a few things we already had, but in the end I knew it helped her out and relieved some stress in her life.

Everyone can benefit from the golden rule.  Often times, the “doer” in the “do unto others” often benefits more than the “others.”  It can be simple things such as grocery shopping or making coffee for the office.  For people in a place of leadership, this rule is paramount.  The golden rule will help you to become more influential and relatable to others.  The benefits are immense.

Build Rapport – When you do unto others, you show that you care about them.  There is nothing that makes someone more appealing than a servant’s heart.  When you serve others, you serve the Lord.

Relieves Stress – A stressful work environment is always a leading cause of burnout.  By doing something that will help relieve stress, you make your employees more comfortable.  You make their lives a little easier.

It’s Personal – When you find something to do that is personal, it makes the recipient feel special.  You have to think directly about that person and what would benefit them.  This personal aspect helps you to relate directly with the person you’re helping.

Two-Way Street – As a leader, you are often asking much of your follower.  It is nice, for both of you, to switch the roles for a moment.  It creates a feeling of a two-way street, where you can rely on their help when you need it, and they can rely on yours.

Habitual – Make it a habit to do unto others every day.  The act benefits both people a great deal.  When you make serving others a habit, you add value to your life and theirs.

Servant’s Heart – All leadership is permission based.  You don’t choose those who follow you, they choose you.  Just as Christ served those around him, so too should you serve those around you daily.  It is a constant reminder that we are not here to receive, but to give.

Nothing is more powerful and the act of giving.  In a day and age where time is a finite resource we’re all trying to get more of, giving yours away can be a liberating and thrilling experience.  Try it today; help someone out without the intention or receiving anything in return.

What can you do for someone today?

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