Easy Start-up Success

Today at lunch I had the privilege of hearing a remarkable success story of a guy who quit his job, started a business, and in only one year, is living his dream.  I wanted to share this story because it is the type of small business I love because it proves that anyone can quit their 9 to 5 and start something incredible.

A little over a year ago this guy was tired of his job as an investment banker.  Imagine hearing people share with you their brilliant ideas, then you find them funding so they can go live it.  All the while, you want to quit your own job.  That was this guy’s story.

That all changed with a good idea, a few connections, and a tremendous work ethic.

His idea was good but not earth shattering.  He sprays mosquito repellent for a living.  There is nothing brilliant about mosquito repellent, but the beauty is in the business model.

He looked online and found that there wasn’t much other than a state license to start a business that kills mosquitos.  We live in an area surrounded by lakes and rivers so mosquitos are everywhere.   He also found that the necessary equipment was readily available online.  So he created a business plan.

He raised $100,000 to purchase a $70,000 specially equipped truck.  He also purchased $10,000 in repellent.  The remaining funds were directed toward fuel and administrative expenses.

While he waited for the truck to be delivered, he formed his company and filed for his state license.  There was a test and a little studying but a few weeks later, he had his license.  At the same time, he had a logo designed online and purchased business cards, shirts, and a decal for his truck.

Once the truck and repellent arrived, he turned to Google Maps and looked for roads that had homes on or near the lakes.  He parked his truck at the entrance of those roads while he went door to door dropping off flyers.  He also did some online advertising and called businesses that had outdoor areas or outdoor seating.

He worked 12 hours a day 7 days a week.  When he wasn’t on a job, he was calling businesses and trying to get appointments.  As word spread and he built a list of clients, he finally hired a driver.   This year he was able to purchase another truck and hire another driver.  He also hired a person to handle phone calls, schedule work, and manage the books.

The beautiful part is that now he is making more money than he did at his 9 to 5 and is only working six hour a day five days a week managing the business.

These are the stories I love.  They aren’t huge investments, but they’re profitable and they can help others live their dream lifestyle.  I wish I had spoken with this guy when he started.  I would have invested.

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