11 Ways To Enjoy Social Media – And Find a Great Bar

Does anyone really enjoy social media?  There are a hundred different networks, a million different formats, and all the interaction is the same stale self promotion.  Unless you know how to really exploit the benefits.

enjoy social media

There are so many options out there to enjoy social media on a multitude of platforms how do you know which ones to join and invest your time in?

I had the same problem when I was 12.  We had a few parks within bicycle distance.  I never knew which park the action was going to be at.

Lucky for me, I could ride from park to park looking for the best pickup football game.

Have you ever found yourself on social media looking for a pickup game?  First, you check the Twitter jungle gym, nothing but self promotion “click on my link” stuff.  Then you ride over to Facebook park, everyone is just showing off their newest and greatest thing.  You try the Google+ skatepark but it’s empty.

Trying to enjoy social media can be a down right pain, unless you’re smart about who and what you interact with.

1. Consolidate your feeds.  I use HootSuite to consolidate all my feeds into one.  This way I’m not going from park to park.  Instead, I scan all my feeds at once, looking for anything clickable.

2. Use more lists.  Enjoy social media in categories.  Check out family members, then friends.  Some time all I want to do is check out what Michael Hyatt, Skip Prichard, or Fred Wilson are saying.  So I have a list for them.

3. Narrow the conversation.  This goes back to using lists.  Organize the people you follow by what they offer.  Then you can pick and choose what types of topics in that feed.  My family shares pictures, my favorite influencers share ideas, and my friends share their horrible golf shots – check out mine!

4. Be polite. The one sure fire way to get yourself unfollowed, is to tweet a novel, one tweet at a time.  These kinds of things make it impossible for others to enjoy social media. If you tweet more than 4 times in a row, you’re gone.

5. Choose your friends wisely.  You may not enjoy social media because your “friends” are not interested.  Lose the dead weight and find some more interesting people.

6. Share more. You always get what your give.  You’ll enjoy social media more if you’re involved in the conversation.  Share your pictures, ideas, opinions, and insights.

7. Ask and receive.  One time I mentioned that I was going to NYC.  My friend Skip Prichard suggested a bunch of awesome places to go.  I’d have never known about these places had I not asked and had I not been following such cool people.

8. Buffer your posts.  It is too hard to be on social media all day, and impossible to share enough if you’re not.  For this, God made Buffer, or at least the guys behind Buffer.  Fill your buffer with posts, then let them trickle out during the day.

9. Follow the trends.  Look at what’s hot, what’s not, hashtags, and trends.  This is how I found a cool irish pub, that served McSorley’s which led me to the original 1854 pub in Manhattan and its iconic chandelier paying tribute to the fallen.

10. Share more than you ask.  Michael Hyatt suggests shooting for a 20 to 1 ratio.  Share 20 great ideas for every 1 favor you ask.  This will help you gain interaction with your followers.

11. Be prompt with your reply.  Set up alerts and engage in the conversation.  Answer questions, reply to comments, share other people’s idea, most importantly, engage with your tribe.

The world of social media can be overwhelming.  Using these 11 tips and tricks can help you to enjoy social media and maybe even find a great bar in lower NYC.

What’s your favorite thing about social media?

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