Fall Asleep Quickly Without The Use Of Drugs

As a busy person, I take my sleep seriously.  Unfortunately, I don’t always get enough.  More often than not, the reason for lack of sleep is the inability to fall asleep quickly.

fall asleep quickly

Without enough sleep, my energy levels are low and I tend to take a negative outlook on my day.  My inability to fall asleep quickly impacts my entire day’s productivity.  Without enough sleep, you’re not the best version or you.

According to WebMD, “several studies have linked sleep deficits with poor work performance, driving accidents, relationship problems and mood problems like anger and depression.”  Read the Full Article Here.

If you’re anything like me, this story may sound familiar to you.  You want to go to bed at 11:00pm.  At 10:00pm, you begin to get ready for bed.  You lay your clothes out for tomorrow, set the coffee pot, brush your teeth and wash your face.  By 10:45pm, you settle in for a good night’s sleep hoping to fall asleep quickly.

Before you know it, it’s 11:15pm.  Then the anxiety sets in.  “Why can’t I fall asleep quickly?”, you ask yourself.  Finally, around midnight you drift off knowing fully well that tomorrow is going to be rough.

After my own bouts with not being able to fall asleep quickly, I decided to do something about it.  Now, thankfully, I’m able to fall asleep in seconds.

1. Create a routine. This will alert your body that you’re beginning the sleepy time launch sequence.  I’ve seen the power of a routine firsthand.  Every night when we put our two year old son down, we repeat a very intentional routine.  By the end of it, he is fast asleep.  It takes about 2 weeks to begin to notice a change.

2. Pray about your worries. Anxiety is the number 1 thing that prevents people from being able to fall asleep quickly.  Phillipians 4:6 tells us “Don’t worry about anything, but pray about everything.  With thankful hearts offer up your prayers and requests to God.”

3. Turn off distractions. One way to guarantee that you will not fall asleep quickly is to have distractions around you.  If your computer is within your reach, you’ll be tempted to check your emails.  If the remote is on your night stand, you’ll be tempted to turn on the TV.  Get rid of all distractions and get down to the business of sleeping.

4. Relax your body.  One of my favorite tricks to fall asleep quickly is to relax my entire body.  I start by focusing on relaxing my face, then I slowly move down my entire body.  This trick occupies your mind and relaxes you into slumber.

5. Use White Noise. I use an app on my iPhone called White Noise – TMSOFT to help me fall asleep.  The app has many soothing noises that block out distractions.  I focus on the sound until I’m asleep. I use “Brown Noise” on most nights.

6. Countdown to sleep.  My most used trick when I just can not fall asleep quickly is to count down from 100.  I close my eyes and focus on each number as it comes up.  Focusing on the numbers keeps your mind from wondering.  I rarely make it all the way to number 1.

Being able to fall asleep quickly is your key to achieving optimum sleep especially if you’re a biphasic sleeper like me.  The amount of sleep you have the night before can often be the main factor as to how your tomorrow will turn out.


Do you struggle to fall asleep quickly?  What effect does this have on your life?

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