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This is the 10th and final post in my Fit To Lead Series.  By now I hope you’ve enjoyed the other 9 posts and hopefully have put a few, if not all of them, into practice.  Perhaps you’ve begun shedding some extra pounds by as well.

A few years ago when I realized that the office and my stressful position were causing my demise, I began my journey to stay in healthy enough a shape to lead my company to success.  I poured over articles and fad diets.  I read books and interviewed fit people.  I soaked up as much knowledge as I could.  To this day I still read new information and study the effects of different approaches.

It wasn’t until I began to hold myself accountable that I began to see results.  The important thing about holding yourself accountable is to make sure you’re measuring the correct statistics.  I’ve compiled a list of what you need to focus on.  If you keep track of the information below, you’ll be on your way to being Fit To Lead.

Your body is your business – Since most of my readers are business executives, you’ll understand this.  In order for your business to be healthy, you must bring in quality work with high margins.  The same is true for your body.  You have to bring in quality foods with high nutritional value.  To grow you must bring in more.  To lose fat you must bring in less, but it must remain high quality and nutrient dense.

Paint by number – Paint your perfect body by following the numbers.  I’ve taught you about your macro and micro nutrient needs, daily caloric intake per different results, and daily caloric burn.  You must track those numbers as well as the scale.  Soon you’ll be shedding the old you.

The numbers don’t lie, always – The numbers don’t lie, but they can be hidden by other factors such as sodium and water retention.  You must keep track of all your numbers but remember to use a mirror to really judge and watch yourself change.

Seinfeld – Jerry Seinfeld used to have a large calendar hanging on his wall.  He knew if he was going to become a great comedian he’d have to write jokes every single day.  So he purchased a calendar that had the entire year on one big sheet and hung it on his wall.  Every day after writing, he’d “x” out the day.  After a while it became less about writing and more about keeping the chain going. Do this for your new lifestyle and you’ll find that chain to be pretty important.  After all, it represents your success, or lack thereof.


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