How To Find Time To Follow Your Passion

When I began blogging in 2011 I never dreamed it would be so fulfilling.  For me, writing has become my creative release.  My friends read my blog and wonder “where do find the time to follow your passion?”

follow your passion

I’ll be perfectly honest.  Finding the time to follow your passion is not easy.  For years I’ve struggled to find the time to write.

My world has recently been turned upside down.  Despite it all, I still maintain my blog and write frequently.  The truth is, you don’t have to struggle to find time to follow your passion.  You can begin today by following a few simple rules.

Prioritize – In everything you do consider whether or not what you’re doing helps you to follow your passion.  It is surprising how often I find myself on social media when I could easily be writing.  The problem is, I let the world tell me how I should spend my time.  If you’re going to follow your passion, you’re going to have to tell the world how you choose to spend your time.

Use Tools – When I began blogging I was inexperience and frankly naive.  I didn’t know the first thing about WordPress or the world of blogging.  If you’re going to follow your passion, you’re going to have to make it easy on yourself.  To do that, you need to research the tools of the trade.  Look to the leaders in your area of interest and see what they do.  Bloggers should look at Michael Hyatt’s Toolbox and Tim Ferriss’s “How To Build A High-Traffic Blog Without Killing Yourself.”

Create A Team – Kenny Chesney loves singing and performing for crowds.  Unfortunately, that requires him to travel.  I bet he doesn’t like arranging travel.  But someone out there does, and that is who he has arranging his travel for him.  If you’d like to follow your passion you’re going to need a team to do the things that are necessary but not interesting to you.  I have a web developer, an editor, and a Virtual Assistant who handle the aspects of blogging that I do not enjoy.

Focus On The Fun StuffDelegate everything you can to free yourself up to focus on the things you enjoy.  To truly follow your passion, you’ll have to get rid of everything else.  I like to look at Michael Hyatt’s latest ideal week.  Here I see a guy who’s built a huge platform but spends his days doing only the things he loves, the content creation!  This is how you should craft your schedule if you’re going to follow your passion.

Nothing is more impressive than a person who is fully engulfed and in love with what they’re doing.  Living a life where you follow your passion can be amazing and inspiring.  Following these few rules will get you to the life you’ve always dreamed of faster.

What would you do today if you were to completely follow your passion?

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