A Formula For Endless Passion

In late 2012 I was in the midst of an overhaul of my executive team.  It was a very busy time.  Our company was growing rapidly and I had lost my passion somewhere in the midst.

Formula For Passion

I remember one morning in particular very clearly.  It was the morning I discovered the formula for passion.  That morning I fell out of bed late, didn’t have time to shave, arrived at work late and found I had zero motivation to get started.  I had to find a way to break out of that funk.

My company depended on me.  My family depended on me.  I depended on me to produce exceptional results day in and day out.  But that morning, I just couldn’t find the passion I needed to do my best work.

I floundered for a bit doing the typical uninspired tasks. I checked email.  I read the web.  I drank coffee.  Then I suddenly felt worse.  It was 10am.  I’d been at work for 2hrs and had accomplished nothing!  That was when it hit me.  The formula for passion was born.

  1. Find Your Pitfalls – What gets you into a bad mood?  I write a story in my head every day of what my day should be, then life happens.  Waking up late, going to work scruffy, and getting to work late, were not part of my story.  Then the cold stare I received from my boss as I passed his office (which by the way is a horrible leadership method) just stole my inspiration.  These were the shovels that dug the hole I was in.
  2. Find Your Passion – Do something, anything, that makes you feel positive about yourself.  For me, writing a blog post only takes 45 minutes or so but fills me with pride.  It is a short amount of time to spend to achieve a win and change my mindset.  Success begets success.  Do one little thing to achieve a win and you’ll find more passion.
  3. Aim For Impact – When it comes to finding passion, do the most impactful things first.  Tim Ferriss likes to start his day by doing the one thing that, if he accomplishes, means his day was a success.  Even if he accomplishes nothing else, he at least did this one thing so the day is not all bad.  What one thing can you quickly do to feel successful and regain your passion?
  4. Short List – IBM was once world renowned for having the greatest salesforce in corporate America.  The secret to their success?  Low sales quotas.  When you look at a to-do list a mile long, you’ll be discouraged and kill your passion.  This is why I only add 4 to 5 things max to my daily to do list.  Like the IBM Salesforce, you’ll soon find yourself over achieving.
  5. Don’t Get Behind – Nothing sucks up your passion like falling behind.  Think of your passion when you’re in a race.  If you’re up front, you feel like you can win and you’re filled with passion.  When you’re in last place, you feel defeated and can’t seem to muster up the passion needed to compete.  Do the little things every day that create successes for you.  This way you’ll always feel in the lead.

Passion is a funny thing.  You must be intentional in creating and finding passion every day.  It is a slippery downhill slope when you lose your passion.

What tasks create quick successes for you and fuel your passion?

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