Would You Fund Grey’s Anatomy Doctors Without Leadership?

If Seattle Grace’s most talented and world renowned surgeons couldn’t secure venture capital, what chance do you have? The characters of Grey’s Anatomy are world renowned surgeons, but without leadership, they’re worthless. Leadership is at the foundation of every success.

Leadership Grey's Anatomy
I don’t watch much television for the simple fact that if I’m on the couch, I’m not producing any quality output. I do however, watch a handful of shows, mostly as a way to shut down my mental factory and spend some time relaxing with my wife. I record the CBS Evening News with Scott Pelley. The CBS Evening News is great to have on while we’re making dinner so I can catch up on the day’s news. I also watch Modern Family because it’s the most creative comedy on the air today.

I watch Grey’s Anatomy because it’s my wife’s favorite. A couple weeks ago however, it appeared the hospital would be shut down unless the world class staff of surgeons could put together $175 million dollars in Venture Capital. I was not surprised to see them turned down.

The first time they were turned down was due to a lack of leadership. As John Maxwell says, “everything rises and falls on leadership.” It doesn’t matter how talented or visionary a team is, without leadership, they have very little chance. This is why:

  1. Direction – Leadership provides direction so that Seattle Grace’s surgeons can focus on their strengths.  Quality leaders place their people into situations where they can flourish.
  2. Focus – Leadership forces those around them to focus their efforts. The doctors on Grey’s Anatomy are constantly pulled in multiple directions. Leadership focuses their finite resources on the projects where they can make the most impact.
  3. Clarity – Leadership provides a clear picture and defines what is a win and what is a loss. Leadership also defines who does what, and when.
  4. Correction – Leadership takes corrective actions to keep Seattle Grace on course. The doctors on Grey’s Anatomy are always chasing ground breaking new projects. While some are great, other’s should be avoided. Leadership is tasked with deciding between the two.
  5. Unattachment – Creatives are often emotionally attached to their work. Mine at Allied Equipment certainly are and I couldn’t be more proud of them. While this emotional attachment plays a critical role in their productivity and drive, it can cloud their judgment. This is where leadership steps in to maintain passion while redirecting focus to more profitable endeavors.

With the leadership of Hunt and Webber, the Grey’s Anatomy cast is able to raise the funds and make a bid for Seattle Grace. (Spoiler Alert if you’re a fan of DVR like me) in the end the Harper Avery foundation steps in and saves the day. Thankfully the hospital stays open and we’re able to watch another episode this week.

While leadership is responsible for success, it can be equally as responsible for failure. What are you doing as a leader to create success?

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