Have a Problem…Wait, Don’t Be That Guy

I hate energy suckers. They walk into a room and instantly all the positivity is stripped from the walls. You know these people, they always have a problem and they bring it with them everywhere they go.

Have A Problem...Wait, Don't Be That Guy

It’s early morning and I’m sitting at my desk with a nice warm mug of coffee (brewed in my Aerobie Aeropress of course).  I’ve got my Nozbe open and I’m going through all my actions for the day, excited to take the day by the horns.  Suddenly, I have a problem.  I hear the door handle turn and in walks Mr. Negative to the office.

The force of his positive vibe vacuum nearly knocks me to the floor as it sucks all the energy from the office.  “Please wait, don’t come in here and start getting on to people,” I think to myself.  “Please don’t have a problem this morning.”  But he does.

We all know this person. In fact, we’ve often been this person. We bring home our bad day at the office or we let someone’s rude words set us off.  We become the guy who always has to have a problem.

Being the guy who always has to have a problem is like being a parasite.  Don’t be the guy who sucks all the energy from others. Avoid the temptation to spread the negativity.

Hang it up – If you have a problem, hang it up before you enter a room, just like you’d hang a jacket. You might have brought the problem with you to the party, but don’t take it into the party.

Be Thankful – I keep a stack of notecards in my desk drawer full of things I’m thankful for. When I have a problem, I just stop and read the story of my life.  All the good that I have in my life quickly melts away the problems.

Wait A Minute – Take time to let it simmer down. Don’t be the guy who comes into the office just looking to be rude to other people because you’re having a bad morning.  Instead, take a minute to collect your thoughts.  It’s not their fault you’re mad – don’t ruin their day.

Write it down – When you have a problem, write about it.  I’ve found that writing out my feelings helps to get the problem off my chest.  Once you’ve taken the time to clarify your thoughts onto paper, you’ll realize they’re not as serious as you’d thought.

Tell it to the Wheel – My steering wheel and I are good friends.  We spend quite a bit of time just staring at each other.  But on days when I have a problem, we talk.  Often times, you just need someone, or something, to talk to about your problem.

Don’t be the energy sucker who enters the room and instantly – people hide at their desks, put their heads down, and hope you don’t come into their office.  This guy is the world’s worst leader.  Learn to control your emotions whenever you have a problem by using these few tricks.

How do you react when the “I Have a Problem” guy enters the room?

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