How Often Should You Blog

In 2011, I launched this blog with this post.  One month later I followed it up with this post.  I was still wondering how often should you blog if you want to grow a platform.

How Often Should You Blog

Recently, I released my findings of a study my team and I conducted on the top 30 blogs in the world.  Among the data we were looking for was the answer to the all important question to new bloggers, “How often should you blog?”  This post will answer this question.

There are two camps in the blogging world.  One camp is made up of 20 of the top 30 bloggers.  These bloggers prefer short and frequent posting.  The other camp is made up of the other 10 bloggers.  This camp prefers long, infrequent posting.

So which group is right?

How often should you blog, is only answered by your style of blogging.  While 8000 word blog posts can help you grow your blog, evidence shows that shorter, 450 word blog posts tend to work better.

For the sake of all bloggers, both long and short, we’ll address blogging frequency for each style.

Short Posts – 450 words average:  If you choose to write blog posts that are 450 words on average, as I recommend you do, you should then blog no fewer than three times per week.

What if you don’t have time to blog that often?  Don’t worry, we found two blogs that post short blog posts one time a week and still managed to break into the top 30 in the world.

Should you blog as often as you want?  Absolutely!  Of the 20 bloggers who preferred short, frequent blog posting, 13 blogged daily.  This doesn’t mean however that you have to post an article you wrote every day.  Many bloggers, such as Michael Hyatt, post 3 times per week but also post quotes, announcements, and other shorter items on “off days.”  There is no minimum to how often should you blog

Long Posts – Between 1200 and 8000 words: If you choose to write long blog posts, how often should you blog will differ greatly with your less wordy brethren.  Of the 10 top bloggers who wrote long posts, most averaged only 1 post per week.  Some of the longer, 5000 words or more, bloggers released a blog post only once per month.

Should you blog more often?  If you can, feel free to do so, but it doesn’t seem to help much.  We found only 1 blogger who posted more than 2000 words on a daily basis.  Unfortunately, this blogger ranked 29th out of 30.

If you’ve wondered how often you should blog, you’ve probably asked yourself the wrong question.  Our research shows that there is more at play than how many words each post should have and how often should you blog.

Post 1,500 words per week.  This, is the top commonality between all of the top 30 blogs.  Some choose to write three 500 word posts while others may opt for one 1,500 word post.  Even more surprising, some choose to wrote 6000 to 8000 words posts and only release them monthly!

Average 1,500 words per week.  It matters less how often you blog.  This appears to be the secret formula for the world’s top 30 bloggers.

How often do you prefer to blog?

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