Increase Productivity with the Most Productive Place in the World

Where is the best place for you to increase productivity? Perhaps it’s a well lit corner of a cozy Starbucks, or maybe a long table of college students at the campus library. I think it’s an airplane. As I write this I am on my fifth flight in three weeks. This, however, is my first opportunity of those flights to write. Thus far I have completed 6 blog posts.

Increase Productivity

I’m using Evernote to remember all my great ideas for things to post on. I’m using my iPad and Byword to then write. I am writing with a level of output I have yet to achieve in any other place. Not my office, my recliner, a Starbucks or a library. I am convinced that an airplane is the ideal setting to increase productivity and achieve a high level output.

I got the idea from Michael Hyatt.  He posted here, that he and Gail both enjoy working on an airplane. I have to agree. It is one of the best places in the world to increase productivity.

How Plane’s Increase Productivity

White Noise – I can hear myself think, and not much of anything else. Once I got tired of the silence I turned on some music. I have a pair of Bose noise cancellation headphones as well and am currently enjoying Lyle Lovett. Don’t fault me, I’m a Texan. The great thing about white noise is that it works for others as well. No one can tell I’m totally jamming out with the volume a little too high.  Another tool I use to increase productivity.

Phones off – Alec Baldwin will back me up on this one. You can not have your phone on. What this means for many of us is NO interruptions. Apart from the occasional gurgled pilot talk over the PA system, or the flight attendant serving me drinks, I can increase productivity by staying focused without interruption.

Restricted mobility – In my office I have a Free Flexor, a kettle bell, some golf clubs, an iPad, iPhone, computer, and about a million other things around me that I can occupy my time with. On an airplane, I can either go to the restroom or sit in my seat. In fact, as I write this, the fasten seat belt sign is on so I literally can’t even get out of my seat. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a fasten seat belt sign in your office?

Unplugged – I have no television, and even worse, no Internet. This means no email, no Facebook or Twitter, no Netflix or Youtube. I am, for the most part, unplugged. In other words, I can’t kill my own productivity.

Writing on an airplane is pure bliss. It’s like being in a creative cocoon. When you find yourself struggling to meet a deadline or struggling to find the time to work on a project you’ve been putting off, you don’t have to buy an expensive airline ticket, instead, try making your office an airplane. Recreate the scenarios above to create your own creative cocoon.

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