Top 5 Tips For Researching iPhone App Ideas

The launch date for my new iPhone App is rapidly approaching.  It has been a long and difficult journey.  In fact, the journey has been too long.  If we had done better in researching for iPhone app development and procedures, we could have saved ourselves time and hassle.

iPhone App

The idea for our app came about like most brilliant ideas, by mistake.  My partners and I agreed that the idea was fantastic and we had a unique value proposition that no other iPhone app had.  We then began to research iPhone app ideas that had succeeded and failed.  We’ve done our best to model our app after the more successful apps and avoid the mistakes of the failed apps.

I remember the first time I tried to ride a bicycle.  As soon as I thought I had it, I’d fall.  I’d watched my brother ride his bike for over a year and I thought I knew what to do and what not to do.  The truth is, until you actually immerse yourself in the experience, everything else is just make believe.  So too was our experience when we began to develop our iPhone app.

Just when we thought we had it all figured out, we’d be hit with a bombshell that would shut the whole project down for weeks while we tried to find a solution.  Better research and more information about building an iPhone app would have helped us speed up our time to market.  These are my top 5 suggestions for anyone looking to develop an iPhone app.

App Store – Spend hours combing through the iPhone app store.  We had an iPhone app idea that we thought was unique.  Then we found out that there were at least 5 apps that were just like ours.  It gave us the chance to download these apps and discover where they had failed.

Interview developers – Find app development companies and begin to dive into different aspects of your app.  Do not divulge all your information about your app to anyone, but do give out small nuggets to many different developers.  One problem for us has been the pause button in a video.  It is an essential part of our iPhone app idea but a very difficult thing to do development wise. If we had asked more questions, we would have discovered this problem much sooner.

Create an alternative – Most iPhone app inventors don’t know if what they’ve come up with is useful at all until they’ve finished building their iPhone app and no one downloads it.  Don’t waste your time on a bad idea.  Find another way to give people a similar experience.  We used multiple iPhones, slips of paper, and a group of friends to test our idea.  Luckily, everyone loved it.

Find your niche – When you look through the iPhone app store, look for similar apps to yours.  Then check the popularity of these types of apps.  Go through the top charts in the iPhone app store and look at what is selling in your niche.  If you’re creating an educational app, know what type of look and feel the top performing apps share.  Try to mimic these with your iPhone app design.

Know your budget – It makes sense for Facebook to spend millions on the development of their iPhone app.  The economics probably don’t scale for you.  Know your budget and what kind of quality and depth it will buy.  Don’t expect to build a dynamic app on a low budget.  Each page costs more money and each feature takes time.

Just like the first time I successfully rode my bicycle around the block, the first time I created an iPhone app was thrilling.  This new technology is a booming market place full of dreamers and achievers.  If you’re considering building an iPhone app I suggest you begin today.  Welcome to the iPhone app empire.

Do you think an iPhone app could be a good extension of your personal brand?

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