Becoming James Bond – Insane Focus

It is almost certainly always a matter of life and death. Resurection is his specialty, but this time I’m not sure he’ll survive. He does survive, of course, as James Bond always does.

James Bond Focus

I admire his level of focus and drive. James Bond is playing in the background as I write most nights. The purpose is two-fold. The movies provide a short mind break that is full of cinematic creativity. The second purpose is inspiration. How can you watch James Bond being James Bond without secretly feeling like your own little 007?

In true benchmarking style, I of course find things in James Bond that interest me. How does he achieve such a high level of awesome? How can I become a secret agent capable of achieving insane results with such style and class?

I’ve set out to boil down what makes James Bond so interesting to men around the world. All the gun fighting and Vesper Martinis aside, how can the average Joe become a low level James Bond? What makes Bond Bond, is his level of focus. Here is how to achieve James Bond style focus.

  1. Disregard Consequences – Would you jump on a moving train? I wouldn’t either, but James Bond would, and does. His mind is set on his target and he will literally do whatever it takes to obtain that target. We too can provide this level of focus to achieving our goals by becoming more like James Bond.
  2. Live It – James Bond doesn’t pretend to be or wish he were James Bond like you and I do, he is James Bond. If you want to be a writer, don’t wish you were a writer, BE A WRITER.
  3. Avoid Waste – Which Bond film was it where he did the laundry and mowed the yard? James Bond lives his lifestyle 100% of the time. If you want to be something, you must be it 100% of the time and avoid everything else. If you want to be a writer, do everything a writer does, nothing else.
  4. Design Your Tasks – James Bond does everything he needs to be James Bond. He exercises because he must be in shape to relentlessly pursue his target. His life literally depends on it. You should do all the tasks you must do to become what you want to be as if your life depended on it. Because your life actually does depend on it. If you’re going to live the life you want, you must do everything that is required of you to obtain that life.

When we watch a Bond Film, what we admire is not the tuxedos and fancy cocktails. What we like is that we see a complete character. We see someone who is James Bond to his core. He never deviates from that character. We see what we can become if we’ll only apply ourselves. We see awesome.

What would life look like if you were the character you wanted to be?

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