Jamie Eason’s Facebook – Why Conviction Matters

Many people believe that we are either born all good or all bad.  As a Christian I believe that we are all born in the image of Christ and therefore, are endowed by our creator to be good.  It is only after given the power of choice that we begin to corrupt and defile ourselves.  The good news is we can change our bad behavior and make good choices that lead to happiness.

Luckily, when we were born we were also endowed with the ability to know the difference between good and bad.  It is only after repeated suppression of this force that we can train ourselves to ignore it and continue in an oblivious pursuit of evil.  Such is the case with famed fitness model Jamie Eason.

On Saturday, Jamie Eason released a shocking confession of her conviction on her Facebook Page.  She also tells about the torment it has caused her in the past and still today.  To view the video please visit Jamie’s page at the link below to Jamie Eason’s Facebook:


I first noticed Jamie when I was beginning to find an interest in fitness.  She graced the covers of every major fitness magazine on the market.  In fact, you’ve probably passed by Jamie Eason’s photos in the grocery store line at least a dozen times.  Perhaps you’ve even visited Jamie Eason’s Facebook in the past.  She has worked hard to achieve her level of fitness, even beating breast cancer, and rose to the top of the fitness world.  However, the measures it took to achieve the level of notice that got her to the top has caused her much pain and anguish.

Jamie’s video is a telling tale of a good heart who falls pray to the evil desires of the world.  She is now in a good place in her life.  She is helping people to achieve their fitness goals every day.  Her contribution to society is two-fold, both good and evil.  The difference in the balance for us is often how we react to conviction.  Why does conviction matter?

  1. Reflex – Conviction is like a reflex.  When you place your hand on a hot stove, you react by pulling it away.  The same is true when you do something bad, you know it right away.
  2. Morals – Conviction is firmly grounded in your morals.  That, in which you most strongly believe, is where your conviction will be its strongest.
  3. Direction – Conviction will lead you in the right direction infallibly.  When conviction begins to rear its head, run the opposite direction!  Whatever is causing your conviction is a sure sign of evil and you should flee from that behavior as fast as you can.
  4. A Muscle – The less you use your muscles, the less you need them.  Pretty soon your body will only carry as much muscle as you need to survive, which is very little.  The same is true about conviction.  If you suppress it and ignore it every time it comes up, pretty soon you won’t have any left.

The video on Jamie Eason’s Facebook makes me stop and think.  What have I done in the past where I ignored my conviction?  Could my actions come back to haunt me?  Jamie Eason is a world class model and an inspiration to millions.  She is also a great person and I feel for her and her struggle.  I am also thankful that she would share such a story with her fans and followers so that we may learn from them.

This instance also makes me wonder, is the promoter who turned down her husband feeling any conviction?  Aren’t they a Christian?  Jesus had no problem associating with prostitutes and Jamie Eason is far, very far, from that! So why is this promoter passing so much judgment about someone else?

Do you think the actions of the promoter are justified?

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