Law of Magnetism: Who Are You Attracting?

John Maxwell’s Law of Magnetism states that you will attract those who are most like yourself. This is a simple rule to understand. We just like being around like people. No matter how much we all say we like diversity, we will always gravitate toward others who have similar interests, tastes, and views as our own.

This law is never more evident than in the workplace. As a leader you will attract people who are most like you. These people will gravitate to you and your organization and will desire to work with you. Heck, if Boone Pickens or Michael Hyatt ever offered me an opportunity to work with them, I’d probably jump at the chance. I admire these two men and (read everything they produce.)  This is a simple example of the Law of Magnetism.


Unfortunately for many executives, they find that they don’t necessarily click with those around them. Even worse, some leaders find that they don’t like the people who work under them, even if they were the person who hired them to begin with. Maybe they didn’t read my post on how to hire people who make you rich. Or maybe, they don’t like themselves.


You see, the Law of Magnetism is just that, a law. It’s not a general rule or a sometimes truth, it is an infallible law that works ever single time. You are attracting people who are just like yourself. If you don’t like those around you, stop and take a good look at yourself. Here is what you can do to improve those around you.


Get out of the Barn Yard – My grandfather used to always tell me, “If you hang around the crap, you’re going to stink. But if you hang around the stars, you’ll shine!” Upgrading yourself can often times be as simple as upgrading your surroundings.


Improve their surroundings – If you don’t like those around you, at least like yourself. Anne writes a great post about this. If the law of magnetism exists, then as long as you are a person which you’d like to be around, then you’ll attract people who are just like you.


The Golden Rule – Do unto others as you’d have them do unto you. Treat others the way you want to be treated by them. If you’re treating others well, you’ll attract good people who treat other, including you, well.


Jesus and Hitler – Jesus knew this Law. He attracted people like himself. Those whom he attracted helped to increadible good will. They helped him change the world for the better. The same is true for Adolf Hitler. His evilness attracted other evil men. Together they did great evil and changed the world for the worse. It’s a good thing that men like Winston Churchill and Franklin Roosevelt were around to attract some of the greatest generations of men and women to fight and defeat this great evil.


Remember, the Law of Magnetism is just that, a law. It is infalible. If you ever aren’t pleased with those people and things around you, begin first by examining yourself.


Why are you attracting these things?


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