Lead Your Team To Bigger Fish

To land more high quality deals, you have to be fishing where the big fish are.  Every business wants to land more fish, bigger fish, or both.  To achieve success as a leader, you must lead your team to a honey hole.

Leading Your Team to Bigger Fish

My brother is an incredible bass fisherman.  He learned to fish from our grandfather who won many tournaments across the country.  Anytime you’re talking fishing with the old timers the inevitable “honey hole” will come up in the conversation.  A “honey hole” is a place where a fisherman finds big fish, in large quantities, consistently.

In the competitions my brother competes in the objective is to bring in five fish who, together, weigh more than the other fishermen’s five fish.  In order to win, my brother must be a good navigator and lead his boat to where the fish are.  Then he must be able to execute, using the correct tools, to reel those fish into his boat.

Business operates much the same way.  We have to navigate our teams to the honey holes so they can catch the big fish.  The only problem is, we need more than five fish, we need thousands of big fish.  In order to do this, you cannot rely on one man in one boat with one pole.

Define Objectives – The first step to lead your team to bigger fish is to define your objectives.  Do you want to catch more fish, bigger fish, or both?  Due to the nature of my company’s products, we’re able to have a banner year by only catching 20 big fish.  Apple on the other hand, must land millions of sardines to have a successful year.

Create Positions – What positions will you need to execute your plan?  Think of a football team, – you can’t have all wide receivers or you won’t have anyone to block or to throw the ball.  Group positions by skill set.

Define Results – What will each position be responsible for?  What is their stake in the company’s ultimate success?  For example, fisherman are to catch the fish; hook baiters, on the other hand, will have to put the worm on the hook in a manner that looks tasty to the big fish.

Choose Your Driver – Your driver is the leader who will lead your team to the honey hole.  This is often the CEO or Vice President of a division.  In order for the team to be successful the leader must be able to drive the team.

Delegate – Create a “Not-to-do” list for each position, especially the driver.  Unless you lead your team to the honey hole, they’ll never achieve the own individual success and neither will the company.  You success truly rises and falls on leadership.  You must delegate away all activities that do not accomplish the singular defined results for each position. Learn to delegate without fear.

If your driver is trying to bait hooks and cast a line, he’ll never be able to lead your team to the honey hole.  You’ll be stuck with 20 fishermen standing on a dock all casting for the same fish.  Until you as a leader are able to focus only on driving your team to the honey hole, you’ll have no other option but to fish from the dock, catching nothing but small fish.

How can focusing on your strengths help you find your team’s “honey hole?”

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