Cyclical Life – How To Enjoy The Ride

It appears to me that most things in life are cyclical.  Usually when we hear the word cyclical, it is ties to the economy or the weather.  However, it seems like everything I look at closely is cyclical, even life, especially life.

Andy Andrews is an incredible writer and may be an even more incredible public speaker.  I’ve heard him speak several times.  My favorite time was at my home church, Crossroads Fellowship in Odessa, Texas. He said something that stuck with me and I’ll never forget it.  Andy said, ” We are all either headed into a crisis, in a crisis, or coming out of a crisis.”

I feel Andy’s quote exemplifies the idea that life is cyclical.  I remember being a kid and thinking about how awesome it would be to become an adult. I thought I would be able to do anything I wanted.  Today, when I was dropping off a FedEx package I saw two kids playing a computer game.  I instantly wanted to be 12 again.

I had just rushed to the post office to get my envelope dropped off in time.  As I approached the drop box, I could tell it was taped closed.  A small sign read “your drop box has been moved” then listed an address that was across town.  I drove like a mad man to get to the new address.

As a kid, I would dream about the day I could drive.  When my father let me drive the old jeep for the first time, I was hooked! But now here I was driving like Mario Andretti and all I could think about is how mad I was that they moved my box.  The worst part is that I was dropping off a check for a vendor.  It all felt so trivial.

I realized on the way home why I wanted to be like those 12 year olds playing that computer game.  They didn’t care about checks to vendors or deadlines.  In fact, they were probably not thinking about anything, that’s the problem with computer games, but that’s also the problem I wanted to have for 30 minutes.

The truth is if I had tossed those guys my keys, they’d have gladly run a million errands for me.  That’s when I realized, everything is cyclical because we get tired of the same old thing, so we move to something new, until it isn’t exciting anymore.  Then, we go back to the old thing.

The magic of life, the real excitement and amazement, happens when we mix the two.  It’s like the spout in the middle of the ice cream machine that gives chocolate and vanilla.

Middle ground – There is always a mixture but never perfection.  Once something is perfect, it is only a matter of time before it becomes boring and dull.

Shifting sand – The key to keeping it fresh is to change the recipe of life.  Once you’ve found the perfect combination, change it.

Collaborate – Some say life is a compromise.  I disagree because a compromise means you gain a little and lose a little. I think life is a collaboration.  You bring your best and life brings its best.  You cut out everything else.

Let’s face it, I want to be 12 and I want to be 28. Sometimes I daydream about being 62; I just love the idea of grand kids.  My thought is, why not all three.  Let’s collaborate on life and bring our best.  When it gets good, lets change it up and keep it fresh.

How do you deal with a constantly changing world?

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