Moments of Monumental Change

Ten years ago today I was loading a BBQ pit into the bed of a guy’s truck.  Out of the corner of my eye, I saw a cute girl walking out of the grocery store.  I dropped the pit and told the guy I had to “see about a girl.”  He said “Good luck” as I sprinted across the parking lot.

I narrowly missed being hit by a few cars and a shopping basket.  I finally reached her as she was cranking the engine on her bright red Mustang.  I like to think it was my good looks, but she says she only rolled down the window because she thought there must have been an emergency.  The truth is, there was. 

This moment was going to change my life forever.  When I asked her on a date, she gave me a reluctant “sure.” That’s all I needed.  She’s been mine ever since.

It has been 3,652 days since our first date.  There have been good days, bad days, busy days and boring days.  There has been 1 wedding, 3 degrees, 3 jobs, 7 homes, 2 kids, and 1 dog in those ten years.

Looking back, what stands out most to me is the exhilaration of running across that lot toward the unknown with so much on the line.  Moments like that don’t come very often.  To that point in my life, I had never experienced such a monumental moment.

Life is made up of waiting.  We fill our days to make ourselves feel like we’re living, feel important, and feel like our lives matter.  In actuality, our lives are defined by just a few moments of monumental change.  All you have to do is be prepared to act when that moment comes.

Be ready to drop whatever meaningless thing you’re doing and run.  Risk it all, dodge cars (and shopping baskets), go all out, do whatever you have to do to get over your fear and ask the questions that matter.  The answer just might be “sure.”  And that’s all you need to change your life forever.

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