Motivation For Working Out

Recently, I wrote a post about how to accomplish your fitness goals this year.  Fitness seems to always be the top New Year’s resolution.  The truth however, is that 92% of all people fail to accomplish this goal.  The secret sauce that they’re missing is the motivation for working out.

Motivation For Working Out

For whatever reason, human beings are predisposition to be as lazy as we can possibly be.  The same is true of our bodies.  We prefer to be lazy, as a result, our bodies eat away at our unused muscles and store up fat as fast as it can.  To beat this vicious cycle we need to fill our minds with motivation for working out.  Otherwise, we will do everything we can to avoid it.

I’ve heard it said that “all you need to do is lace up your shoes”.  Taking that first, simple step toward working out sets off a domino effect that ends with the elation and satisfaction that can only be felt after a good, hard workout.

Over the years I’ve had to find motivation for working out to get my butt out of the chair and into the gym.  Trial and error has led me to a bulletproof list of ways to receive daily motivation for working out.  This list will help you accomplish your fitness goals this year.

Here are my go to sources for workout motivation:

Tumblr – Follow Fitness Tumblrs like xtremotivation, feeldriven, physiquesofgreatness, gymeandmotivation and fitness-bodybuilding post motivating images and quotes.  When you know you need to workout but you don’t feel motivated, scroll through your tumblr to be filled with instant motivation for working out.

YouTube – I love to watch videos of Ronnie Coleman (Yeah Buddy! Light Weight!) just before I hit the gym.  With eight straight Mr. Olympia wins, Ronnie Coleman’s strength and physic are very motivating.  Women may find motivation from Zuzka Light or Jaime Eason on YouTube.

Jawbone inactivity monitor – My Jawbone Up is set to notify me when I’ve been idle for 45 minutes.  It also shows me how active I’ve been during the day.  It offers great motivation for working out because I can see my fitness (or laziness) in real time.

MyFitnessPal App  – I track all my calories in this app.  Doing so is great motivation for working out because I can see how many calories I’ve consumed.  It is always my goal to come in just under 1800 calories (when cutting) or 2600 calories (when bulking).  Working out means I’ll be able to eat more and still hit my daily calorie goal.

GymPact – This app allows you to earn real cash for hitting your fitness goals.  My wife and I did something like this one year before a trip to Las Vegas.  We had to earn our gambling money.  Having an actual reward waiting for you after your work out is great motivation.

Lacing up your shoes sounds so much easier than it is.  With these apps on your phone or computer, you’re always one click away from a powerful shot of motivation to work out.  Without these apps I don’t know that I’d be in the shape I’m in.

What do you use to get your motivation for working out?


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