Motivation Monday – Invictus

“What is your philosophy on leadership?”  Wow, what a question!  What a call to action!  How we answer this question sets the tone for how we will lead ourselves and our team.  How would you like to be sitting with the President and he ask you this question.  Would you be able to answer it?




This Monday’s Motivation comes from the film Invictus. In this scene Nelson Mandela is speaking to Francois Pienaar,  the captain of the Sprinboks Rugby Team.  The two are discussing leadership and the act of inspiring others.  The film is named after the poem that inspired Nelson Mandela during his stay in prison.  You can read the poem Invictus here.

I was watching this movie not too long ago when this scene came on.  I was having a hard time understanding all the words in the movie and after this scene I tuned out and began imagining myself sitting with the President of the United States of America.  What if he asked me this question?  How would I answer it?  How would you?

Unfortunately, you’ll have to watch the clip on YouTube.  Clicking below will open a new window for you.

Morgan Freeman, playing the part of Nelson Mandela, asks several other questions we should ask ourselves today before we start leading those around us this week.

  1. What is your philosophy on Leadership?
  2. How do you inspire your team to do their best?
  3. How do you get them (your team) to think they can be better than they believe they are?

From this scene we can gain some insight into how we might answer these questions.  If you watch and listen closely the dialog between Matt Damon and Morgan Freeman is chocked full of ways to inspire those around us.

Using the works of others – Use inspirational quotes, poems, YouTube videos.  Part of your responsibility as a leaders is to find inspiration and install it around those you lead.  Don’t put the burden on yourself all the time, use the works of other too.

Lead by example – To truly learn something, you need to teach it.  To become the best leader you can, you need to teach leadership.  First lead yourself and others will learn to follow your lead.

Inspire others with an inspirational song – Think Eye of the Tiger. Find music that is uplifting and inspirational.  Our bodies inherently respond to rhythm.  A great song can actually increase our heart rate and release adrenalin in our bodies giving us a surge of energy to power through the day.


A lasting quote from this scene that we should all remember this week is this. “In order to build our country (or business), we must all exceed our own expectations.”


What is your Philosophy on Leadership?  Are you leding by example today?


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