Motivation Monday

I posted a motivational video from YouTube a couple weeks ago on a Monday and I think it served not only myself, but my readers well.  So I’m posting one of my all time favorite motivational videos here.  This is a scene from the end of The Pursuit of Happiness.

In this scene Will Smith’s character finally achieves his goal and is awarded the position he has worked so hard for.  This position will allow him to provide for his son and take care of his family.  We often forget what it is like to be in such a position as his.

In today’s tumultuous economy, many people are faced with similar situations.  This scene can be applied to many things in life.  It’s not only those without jobs who are struggling to land an opportunity that can change the future.  All of us are seeking similar success.   What is yours?

I love this motivational video because I am reminded of all the hard work that went into achieving his goal.  This video reminds me that anything is possible if you’re willing to do the work.  I posted this video to get us all feeling that success with him.  Success is contagious!

Today begins a new work week, a new chance at success.  Go out an get it!  Have a great Monday and start this week off with some momentum.

What are you working towards?  Are you willing to put in the hard work to achieve your goals?

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