Motivational Monday with Lance Armstrong

It’s Monday morning and that means only one thing on… Motivation! It’s time to get excited about the week ahead of us and find the energy to excel.  Today’s video is about what it takes to be the best.  Everyone cheers when we win but noone is cheering when we’re putting in the hard work and dedication it takes to become a winner.  The man in the video below knows all about winning.  But he also knows all about overcoming hurdles and putting in the hard work to become a winner.

Lance Armstrong has won the Tour De France 7 times, winning 22 stages total through these events.  In 1996 he dropped out of the Tour De France due to illness and would weeks later be  diagnosed with Cancer.  What is more impressive than his victories is perhaps his comeback.  Armstrong was capable of not only overcoming his cancer, but winning the world’s most premiere cycling competition less than 3 years later.

Armstrong has been accused of using performance enhancing drugs but has yet to fail a drug test.  This motivational video is about “what he’s on.”  I hope you enjoy it.

What are you on?  Do you treat your business like Lance treats his cycling?  He’s not just on his bike 6 hours a day, he also has to take care of his body.  Are you taking care of yours?  Read my Fit To Lead series for more insight.

I challenge you today to ask yourself, “what am I on?” Ask this several times today.  What am I on right now?  As I type this I am on my computer putting forth a blog post and checking off something on my to do list for the day.  As soon as I finish I’ll be on to something else.  My goal is to answer the question “What am I on” with a positive answer all day.


What are you on?

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