My Review of Called to Controversy: The Unlikely Story of Moishe Rosen and the Founding of Jews for Jesus by Ruth Rosen

Called to Controversy details the life of famous evangelical missionary Moishe Rosen.  Rosen was born and raised in a Jewish family.  However, after marriage Moishe finds Christ.  Upon his convert to Christianity, his heart pulls him back to his fellow Jews.  This time as a missionary whose life purpose is to save the lost souls he was once a part of.



The book chronicles his works and offers an insight into his actions as he created what would soon become the world’s largest Christian outreach to the Jewish community.  Being written by Moishe’s own daughter the book allows a behind the scenes look that only a daughter could provide.

Personally I feel that the book lacked style and tempo.  For me, great writers can craft a story in such a way that the reader is engulfed by the wonder and amazement the story has to offer.  This book reads more like a college text book.  The overtly historical tone can lose some readers and make this book a bit of a chore.  The beginning of the book is a lineage map with background about the family.  It comes off almost like the “begets” of the Old Testament.

I lost interest in the book early and put it aside for a while.  After reading through a few more entertaining books I made another, more successful, attempt to finish.  The story is an inspiring one and leaves the reader motivated to do their part to save the lost souls of the world.  The writing style just makes it a little tough.  If you’re interested in missionary, I would recommend reading this book.

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