New Beginnings

Today I’m pleased to publicly announce my departure from Allied Equipment, Inc.  During the last eight years I helped grow the company’s revenue by 2350%.  That equates to tens of millions in new revenues.

It was quite an impressive and fast paced run.  The company is poised to grow further, recently starting a new field services business.  Both their field services and engineering groups are lead by outstanding individuals whom I was very proud to partner with.  I wish them all the best.

With my goals achieved at Allied Equipment, I felt God calling me back home to Austin, Texas and back to what I love most; investing. Running a business is great and was an excellent learning process that I can draw on in the future as I advise management teams that we invest in at my new venture.

Austin has an unique vibe that resonates with my soul.  I love this line from the song Oh Holy Night: “Till he appeared and the soul felt it’s worth.”  Coming home to Austin has been a similar experience.  The soul feels at home.

Austin offers a great place to do business in the Venture Capital world and I look forward to building more connections here as well as becoming more involved with my beloved Texas State University.  Dr. Jim Bell and Pat Oles are doing some amazing things for entrepreneurial minded students at the University and I look forward to following their program more closely.

What will come of my blog?  I took some time off from working and blogging while I transitioned myself to being an Austinite again.  They say that distance makes the heart grow fonder, the same is true about your passions.  Time away makes your heart long for those things you’re most passionate about.  To ensure I was making the correct moves, I created that distance for almost two months.  What I learned about myself wasn’t much of a surprise, but it was fun confirmation.  My passions are investing and teaching.

As such, my new venture will satisfy my need for investing and my blog should help satisfy my need to teach.  I have big things planned for both.  While my new venture is young and can not disclose much for SEC reasons, I will begin discussing investing more on this blog.

In the past, this blog was mostly about leadership.  While I am still passionate about leadership, my new role will allow me to include more about investing too.  I hope my followers will enjoy this shift and the new content as much as I’ll enjoy sharing it.

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